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timestamp: "24-10-2006 00:00:01"
title: sixth rubyconf recap
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<p>Just finished up RubyConf yesterday; it was most excellent. There
were tons of quality talks, and of course it's always fun to let
yourself go and totally geek out. Last year I had Planet RubyConf
set up, but this year I got a late start and wasn't able to gather
enough feeds to really do anything
interesting. Luckily <a
Sieger</a> was able to liveblog with astonishing prolificicity, and
the horde in #rubyconf
was <a href="">tumblelogging</a>
like they were infected with a tumbleness disorder. Much fun and
good-natured heckling was to be had. (Tip: don't be That Guy.)</p>
<img src="/i/rubyconf06.png" alt="rubyconf 06 Denver logo" class="right"/>
out-of-context quotes that attendees will have a jolly belly-laugh
at and everyone else will scratch their heads reading: </p>
<li>Fact: One time this programmer posted profiling data without
noting his standard deviation, and Zed Shaw vaporized him from
across the room.</li>
<li>"We tell the computer to do something and it does it. We tell
people to do something, and they don't. That's why we like computers
better than people." - Forrest Chang</li>
<li>Fact: Zed Shaw's code profiles itself.</li>
<li>"Take us to mongrel factor 9. But Sir, Zed said that we do not
need 9 mongrels!" - Adam Keyes</li>
<li>Fact: Zed Shaw is so awesome that he uses Chad Fowler as a
remote control.</li>
<li>"One of the more exciting things about Vista is its security is
really good." - XAMLchick</li>
<li>Fact: Zed Shaw runs his production apps out of irb.</li>
<li>"Myths: YARV finds your girlfriend." - SASADA Koichi</li>
<li>Fact: Zed Shaw writes code using every single one of those
250,000 [unicode] characters.</li>
<li>"Hello Joe." "Hello Mike."</li>
<li>Fact: Zed Shaw rfuzzed your girlfriend.</li>
<p>(The next time Zed is looking for a job his interviewers are going
to have a blast poking around on Google. I think it'll improve his
chances though; most teams would be improved by adding someone who
can refactor living organisms.)</p>
<p>A good portion of my time was spent pondering and discussing how to
improve Emacs support for Ruby and Rails. I've been hacking a lot of
that in my spare time, and I'm pretty confident saying rhtml support
has been much improved for it. We've also been talking a lot about
Smalltalk-style refactoring support, which will be a titanic
task. Fortunately it looks
like <a href="">some folks</a> have put some
work in to hacking that for Eclipse. (I know... I know! Hopefully it
can be extracted and generalized.)</p>
<p>I got to brush shoulders with all sorts of top-notch fellow hackers
and even got a conversation in with the
venerable <a href="">Matz</a> and the
controversial <a href="">Tim
Bray</a>. Mostly we talked about those refactoring
ideas, and Tim mentioned that leveraging tests would be a good way
to get typing data about your code provided you've got good
coverage. There's tons to be done, but I'm excited to see how this
<p><a href="">Photos</a> up when I get home to my F-spot.</p>
tags: rubyconf, ruby