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timestamp: "Sat Oct 13 00: 00: 01 -0700 2007"
title: five things meme
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<p>Oh noes&mdash;I've
been <a
href="">hit</a>. The
inimitable Erik Kastner smacked me with an obligation to reveal five
"little-known" facts about myself. Normally I don't comply with this
sort of thing, but Kastner's a good fellow... I didn't want to let
him down. It may be a bit duller than his, but keep in mind this
wasn't my idea.
<li>I was caught in a flash flood hiking in a ravine in the
mountains of Indonesia. We had just finished climbing (tumbling?
scampering? There's a word for it...) about the boulders at the
ravine's head and started for home when we were pursued by a
torrent of muddy water.</li>
<li>I got drafted into the basketball team in high school because of
my height. I didn't stand a chance; it was decided behind my back
from the very day I visited the school as a prospective student. I
later found out that a few students stood up for me: "What if he
doesn't want to be a basketball player? What if he wants to be a
chef?" It didn't help, but it did earn me the nickname "The Chef"
for a brief while. I was terrible at basketball.</li>
<li>I witnessed an attempted attack on
the <a href="">Western
Wall</a> in Jerusalem. I was above the plaza looking out at the city
and saw someone make a break from the checkpoint to the crowds at
the wall. He didn't looked armed, but he had a bag with him. He was
apprehended before he got 5m away from the security checkpoint.</li>
<li>I got my start in programming on QBasic for DOS in 7th grade. I
wrote a couple cool games, but I thought I should move on to
something more serious and started learning C and CodeWarrior. I
always thought the sheer amount of additional effort necessary to
get something decent working in a GUI environment turned me off
programming until university, but now I'm thinking it had more to do
with people. I had a few friends who enjoyed QBasic, and I had
nobody to work with on C stuff. It didn't help that I thought "real"
programming had to be GUI-related and a huge pain, and that only
"kids' stuff" was easy and fun.</li>
<li>I've dislocated both my shoulders multiple times. You can make
me quiver in discomfort by merely talking about shoulders the
various joint-related problems which can happen to them. Please
<p>I suppose the traditional thing to do here is pass on the meme to others: </p>
<li><a href="">fsbot</a></li>
<p>Unfortunately they haven't gotten back to me on that.</p>
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