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timestamp: "Sat Oct 13 00: 00: 01 -0700 2007"
title: waiting to board
id: 79
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<p>Somehow I'm getting a wifi signal in LAX, so I'll be able to remedy
the fact that I wasn't able to get a post in before I took off. As I
<a href=''>mentioned on my
other blog</a>, A and I are heading off to Indonesia for a
month. I'll be doing training and setup with GNU/Linux, Ruby, and
other Free Software at a small software development shop in Central Java.</p>
<p>Before I left I had a bit more Javascript fun. My brother-in-law
<a href=''>Loren Broach</a> came up with a
game that I coded up. You
can <a href=''>play it
in your browser</a> if you want. I haven't done game programming in
a while; that was a lot of fun. I haven't done GUI programming in a
while; that aspect was only fun because it was so simple. The cool
thing about it is that first I wrote it the way I normally write
Javascript, which is fairly procedural (and accordingly, somewhat
brain-dead). I got it working, but then I rewrote it using
Javascript's object-oriented prototype system. It was a fairly
interesting exercise. I don't think anyone would defend procedural
JS as a good way to write nontrivial software, but I've only used it
for fairly easy stuff in the past barring my few patches to
Conkeror. This project really opened my eyes to see how you can use
Javascript in a way that can scale in terms of readability and
maintainability beyond the couple-page uses that I've had for it so
far. I'm still on the fence as to whether I prefer Javascript's
style of OO to the more conventional model. It really feels like
you're just tossing around eigenclasses the whole time, which takes
some getting used to. It also resembles the OO system that Paul
Graham implements in one of the appendices of his <i>ANSI Common
Lisp</i> book. Anyway, it's always fun to play with a new way of
<p>We <a href=''>cleared out our
apartment</a> before we left, so my server had to be moved to
A's parents' house. A 311-day uptime isn't too unusual these
days (especially with a UPS), but I was disappointed to start from
scratch again. Unfortunately A's parents' ISP is pulling some
dirty moves and blocking all the interesting ports, so I've had to
move everything I can over to my account
on <a href=''>Dreamhost</a> in the mean time. I
haven't been able to get Trac moved over; according to the Dreamhost
wiki it's a fairly complex task. That means
the <a href=' 8080/conkeror'>Conkeror
Trac</a> is only available on port 8080... sorry guys! I'll try to
remedy that when I get the chance.</p>
tags: javascript, travel