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timestamp: 2005-10-15 22:10:09
title: ruby is becoming lisp....
tags: lisp, ruby, conf
id: 8
content: <p> I was going to list all the instances today when I had an 'aha!' moment about a new Ruby feature that makes it <a href=''>more like Lisp</a>. Problem is, it's happening too often. I lost track. (When are we getting cons? caadr?)</p> <img src='/i/rubysworld.jpg' alt='Rubys World' title='The Future of Programming' /> <p> Matz just finished his keynote, which caused <kbd>#rubyconf</kbd> to erupt. Who would have thought a new lambda syntax would elicit such a barrage of heckling^Wcommentry? I personally think <code>lambda (args) { body }</code> is the way to go, but it should also be given a convenience method to save on typing. Isn't that what Akira said yesterday? <a href=''>Jon Tirsen</a> has <a href=''>a good wrap-up</a> from yesterday's Matz QA&mdash;he'll probably have today's up at some point as well. </p>