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timestamp: Sat Oct 13 00:10:01 -0700 2007
title: cleaning up ecmascript
tags: emacs, ecmascript
id: 95
content: |-
<p>OK, so I'm writing Javascript at work. It's not too shabby; the nonsensical requirement of an explicit return is starting to drive me a bit batty, but other quirks can be dealt with. For example, let's do something about the ridiculous proliferation of the <code>function</code> keyword. Let's damp the syntactic noise required to use closures: </p>
<pre class="code"><span class="paren">(</span><span class="keyword">defun</span> <span class="function-name">js-lambda</span> <span class="paren">()</span> <span class="paren">(</span>interactive<span class="paren">)</span> <span class="paren">(</span>insert <span class="string">"function () {
};"</span><span class="paren">)</span>
<span class="paren">(</span>backward-char 6<span class="paren">))</span>
<span class="paren">(</span><span class="keyword">defun</span> <span class="function-name">js-pretty-lambdas</span> <span class="paren">()</span>
<span class="paren">(</span>font-lock-add-keywords
nil `<span class="paren">((</span><span class="string">"</span><span class="string"><span class="regexp-grouping-backslash">\\</span></span><span class="string"><span class="regexp-grouping-construct">(</span></span><span class="string">function *</span><span class="string"><span class="regexp-grouping-backslash">\\</span></span><span class="string"><span class="regexp-grouping-construct">)</span></span><span class="string">("</span>
<span class="paren">(</span>0 <span class="paren">(</span><span class="keyword">progn</span> <span class="paren">(</span>compose-region <span class="paren">(</span>match-beginning 1<span class="paren">)</span> <span class="paren">(</span>match-end 1<span class="paren">)</span>
, <span class="paren">(</span>make-char 'greek-iso8859-7 107<span class="paren">))</span>
nil<span class="paren">))))))</span>
<span class="paren">(</span>add-hook 'js-mode-hook 'js-pretty-lambdas<span class="paren">)</span>
<span class="paren">(</span>define-key js-mode-map <span class="paren">(</span>kbd <span class="string">"C-c l"</span><span class="paren">)</span> 'js-lambda<span class="paren">)</span></pre>
<p>That means instead of the unsightly <code>function () {};</code> you get the more subtle <code>&lambda; () { }</code>&mdash;much easier on the eyes. Plus you get the <kbd>C-c l</kbd> binding to make up for the shortsightedness of keyboard manufacturers in neglecting to include a &lambda; key on their products. Drop this in your <code>.emacs</code> file to let them know who's boss.</p>
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