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timestamp: Mon Dec 17 00:52:14 -0800 2007
title: another one rides the bus
tags: projects, lisp, ruby, bus-scheme
id: 99
content: " <p>Well, Bus Scheme has matured just a bit. It's gotten to the point where the gaps in functionality are a bit less crippling. But the more interesting bit is that it's hosted at a publicly accessible repository now, so you can grab it if you're interested.</p>\n\
<pre class='code'> $ git clone git:// </pre>\n\
<p>I've submitted a <a href=''>rubyforge project</a>, and it should get approved soon so I can upload to it. At that point gem installation should be possible with an ordinary, everyday <kbd>sudo gem install bus-scheme</kbd>.</p>\n\
<p>At this point there are still some pretty hairy problems with scope; the implementation is as na&iuml;eve as possible. Lexically scoped it is not, and closures are a ways off still. Basic &lambda; functionality is a go. You can peek at <a href=';a=blob;f=test/test_eval.rb;hb=7cd761db8b353e2a556d3c182d78b40c1a6e2164'>some</a> <a href=';a=blob;f=test/test_parser.rb;hb=7cd761db8b353e2a556d3c182d78b40c1a6e2164'>tests</a> to see how far along it is. Everything uncommented should pass; commented tests mean \"to do\" items.</p>\n\
<p>Also, I've tested it out and it works in Ruby 1.8, Ruby 1.9, and Rubinius. A few folks on the Rubinius team have expressed interest in getting it to compile down to Rubinius bytecode, which would be pretty exciting.</p>\n\
<p><b>Much thanks</b> go to <a href=''>Courtenay</a> and <a href=''>Garry</a> for helping get the repository public.</p>\n\
<p>REPL it up!</p>
<p><b>Update</b>: It's now <a href=''>on Github</a>."