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<a name='top'></a><h2>Philip N. Hagelberg</h2>
<address>phi<span style='display: none;'>¡no spam thank you!</span></address>
<a name='skills'></a><h3>Skills</h3>
<dd>Proficient in
<a href=''>Clojure</a>,
<a href=''>Emacs Lisp</a>, and
<a href=''>Lua</a>,
<a href=''>Ruby</a>.
Experience with
<a href=''>Erlang</a>,
<a href=''>Racket</a>,
<a href=''>OCaml</a>,
<a href=''>Forth</a>,
<a href=''>Mirah</a>, and
<a href=''>Scheme</a>.
<!-- 1995 - QBasic
2002 - C++ (mercifully long since forgotten)
2003 - SQL
2004 - PHP
2005 - Ruby
2006 - Emacs Lisp
2007 - Javascript
2008 - Scheme
2009 - Clojure, Processing
2010 - Duby
2011 - Mirah, OCaml
2012 - Nix, Scratch
2013 - Racket, OCaml
2014 - Erlang, Forth, C
2015 - Lua
2016 - l2l Lisp
???? - Factor, Datalog, Logo, Elixir, J, Self, Haskell, R
<dd>Knowledgeable concerning
<a href='' title='Oops, this belongs in Operating Systems.'>GNU Emacs</a>,
<a href=''>GPG</a>,
<a href=''>Leiningen</a>,
<a href=''>Debian packaging</a>,
<a href=''>Nix</a>,
<a href=''>KiCAD</a>,
<a href=''>LÖVE</a>,
<a href=''>Git</a>, and more.</dd>
<div id='contributions'>
<a name='contributions'></a><h3>Free Software Contributions</h3>
<!-- TODO: generate this list automatically from the projects list -->
<dt>Contributed to:</dt>
<a href=''>GNU Emacs</a>,
<a href=''>Clojure</a>,
<a href=''>Ruby</a>,
<a href=''>Rubinius</a>,
<a href=''>JRuby</a>,
<a href=''>Rails</a>,
<a href=''>Conkeror</a>,
<a href=''>RubyGems</a>,
<a href=''>Rack</a>,
<a href=''>Sonic Pi</a>,
<a href="">Microscheme</a>,
<a href=''>Hpricot</a>,
<a href=''>Mirah</a>,
<a href=''>Magit</a>, and more
<dt>Took over Maintenance of:</dt>
<a href=''>Logplex</a>,
<a href=''>Swank Clojure</a>,
<a href=''>Clojure Mode</a>,
<a href=''>Clojars</a>,
<a href=''>package.el</a>, and
<a href=''>Gitjour</a>
<a href=''>Leiningen</a>,
<a href=''>Emacs
Starter Kit</a>,
<a href=''>Atreus</a>,
<a href="">Bussard</a>,
<a href=''>Grenchman</a>,
<a href=''>Rinari</a>,
<a href=''>Slamhound</a>,
<a href=''>Syme</a>,
<a href=''>Bus Scheme</a>,
and more
<!-- Suggested the new name "Jenkins" for the Hudson project. -->
<p style='clear: both'><a href='/projects'>Details</a></p>
<a name='work'></a><h3>Work Experience</h3>
<p><a href="">Atreus Keyboards</a>, Mae Sot, Thailand [December 2014 - present]</p>
<li>Created and <a href="">documented</a> a design for a small keyboard to be constructed from readily-available DIY parts.</li>
<li>Wrote a <a href="">USB keyboard firmware</a> from scratch for the ATMega32u4 chip.</li>
<!-- actually more like two or three firmwares now that I think of it -->
<li>Started and ran a small business selling and supporting kits and fully-assembled keyboards to a worldwide customer base.</li>
<p><a href=''>Heroku</a>, San Francisco, CA [October 2011 - December 2014]</p>
<li>Maintained the <a href="">log pipeline infrastructure</a> in Erlang for routing app output.</i>
<li>Handled the <a href="">adapter for building Clojure applications</a> on the Heroku platform.</li>
<li>Maintained <a href="">git-based deployment pipeline</a> for applications running on Heroku.</li>
<p><a href=''>Sonian</a>, Newton, MA [April 2009 - September 2011]</p>
<li>Helped design and implement a document parsing, indexing, and archival pipeline in Clojure which functioned at petabyte level.</li>
<li>Developed <a href="">Leiningen</a> project automation tool originally for our in-house needs, which got
turned into a public project with many thousands of users and hundreds of contributors.</li>
<p><a href=''>Evri</a>, Seattle, WA [August 2007 - March 2009]</p>
<li>Wrote a system to gather documents from feed subscriptions
and web crawling for an NLP indexing system which scaled out
to many distributed nodes and millions of documents.</li>
<li>Helped build a web application allowing people to see at a
glance how entites are connected to other things in the
<p><a href=''>i5 Labs</a>, San Francisco, CA [December 2006 - August 2007]</p>
<li>Built a social networking site in Rails with a small team.</li>
<li>Used test-driven techniques to ensure stability and quality.</li>
<p>Paxtel, Yakima, WA [August 2005 - October 2006]</p>
<li>Created a web application to view diagnostics and map location of fleets of vehicles.</li>
<li>Connected the application to a nationwide RF network by handling a custom vehicle communications protocol.</li>
</ul> -->
<a name='other'></a> <h3>Other</h3>
<p>Voraciously <a href=''>self-taught</a>.</p>
<p>Founded <a href=''>Seajure</a>,
the Seattle Clojure group and led meetings from 2010-2014.</p>
<p>Native English speaker, conversant in Indonesian/Malaysian. Beginner-level Thai.</p>
<p>Graduate of the <a href=''>Torrey
Honors Institute</a>.</p>
<p><a href=''>Bachelor of Science degree</a>
in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude.</p>
<!-- Thanks for taking time to read the source.-->
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