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technomancy committed May 8, 2012
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@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ task :list do
task(:other) do
- ['projects', 'colophon', 'resume', 'books', 'swank-clojure'].each { |s| render_file_with_template s, "templates/#{s}.html.erb", "public/#{s}.html" }
+ ['projects', 'colophon', 'resume', 'books'].each { |s| render_file_with_template s, "templates/#{s}.html.erb", "public/#{s}.html" }
task :default => [:posts, :list, :feed, :other]
@@ -6,9 +6,7 @@
<p>My name is Phil Hagelberg, and this is my blog. I am a
hacker-errant blessed to work with <a href='/projects'>free
software written in interesting languages</a>. I try to post here
- monthly. Though it should be obvious, I remind readers that my
- opinions expressed here are my own rather than those
- of <a href="">my employer</a>.</p>
+ monthly.</p>
<p>Feel free to <a href="/list">peruse the archives</a>.</p>
@@ -5,13 +5,16 @@
+ <dt><a href=''>Clojars</a> (Clojure)</dt>
+ <dd>The community repository for Clojure.</dd>
<dt><a href=''>Clojure</a> (Clojure)</dt>
<dd>A modern functional lisp language with advanced concurrency features.</dd>
<dt><a href=''>Conkeror</a> (Javascript)</dt>
<dd>A no-compromises, keyboard-driven, extensible web browser.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Clojure Mode</a> (ELisp)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Clojure Mode</a> (ELisp)</dt>
<dd>The Emacs mode for the Clojure language. I maintain this package.</dd>
<dt><a href=''>GNU Emacs</a> (ELisp)</dt>
@@ -20,10 +23,10 @@
<dt><a href=''>ERT</a> (ELisp)</dt>
<dd>A testing tool for Emacs Lisp libraries. Now part of Emacs.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Hpricot</a> (Ruby)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Hpricot</a> (Ruby)</dt>
<dd>A delicious HTML parser.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>JClouds</a> (Clojure)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>JClouds</a> (Clojure)</dt>
<dd>A cross-provider library for working with remote storage and
compute APIs from Java and Clojure.</dd>
@@ -33,7 +36,7 @@
<dt><a href=''>Magit</a> (Elisp)</dt>
<dd>A Git frontend for Emacs.</dd>
- <dt><a href="">Mirah</a> (Ruby, Mirah)</dt>
+ <dt><a href="">Mirah</a> (Ruby, Mirah)</dt>
<dd>A low-level programming language targeting the JVM with type
inference and extensible classes. Formerly known as Duby.</dd>
@@ -42,6 +45,9 @@
Emacs. I maintained this for a time before it was merged into
Emacs 24.</dd>
+ <dt><a href=''>Quil</a> (Clojure)</dt>
+ <dd>A graphics library for artistic exploration.</dd>
<dt><a href=''>Rack</a> (Ruby)</dt>
<dd>The web server adapter for Ruby frameworks.</dd>
@@ -63,7 +69,7 @@
<dt><a href=''>RubyGems</a> (Ruby)</dt>
<dd>Ruby's Package Manager.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Swank Clojure</a> (Clojure)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Swank Clojure</a> (Clojure)</dt>
<dd>An adapter allowing <a href=''>SLIME</a>
to be used with Clojure. I maintain this project.</dd>
@@ -83,40 +89,40 @@
<dd>A Scheme interpreter written in Ruby, but implemented on the bus! I
<a href=''>spoke briefly about this</a> at RubyConf 08.</dd>
- <dt><a href='>Clojure Gem</a> (Ruby)</dt>
+ <dt><a href='>Clojure Gem</a> (Ruby)</dt>
<dd>An adapter for using Clojure's immutable data structures and
software transactional memory from JRuby.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Die Roboter</a> (Clojure)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Die Roboter</a> (Clojure)</dt>
<dd>A system for distributing execution over a queue in a straightforward way.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Erythrina</a> (OCaml)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Erythrina</a> (OCaml)</dt>
<dd>A desktop program for choosing among a list of options in a
composable manner.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Emacs Starter Kit</a> (ELisp)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Emacs Starter Kit</a> (ELisp)</dt>
<dd>A set of dotfiles that provides better defaults and bundles other useful
libraries for Emacs users. Used by thousands of developers.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Ferrante</a> (Mirah)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Ferrante</a> (Mirah)</dt>
<dd>An Android application allowing two users to navigate towards
each other.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Harker</a> (Ruby)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Harker</a> (Ruby)</dt>
<dd>A tool to deploy Rails applications using RubyGems.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Leiningen</a>
+ <dt><a href=''>Leiningen</a>
<dd>A build tool for Clojure designed to not set your hair on
- fire. Used by thousands of developers.</dd>
+ fire. Used by tens of thousands of developers.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Mire</a> (Clojure)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Mire</a> (Clojure)</dt>
<dd>A multiplayer text adventure engine.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Pindah</a> (Mirah)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Pindah</a> (Mirah)</dt>
<dd>A tool for building Android applications with Mirah.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Relax.el</a> (ELisp)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Relax.el</a> (ELisp)</dt>
<dd>An Emacs frontend interface to CouchDB.</dd>
<dt><a href=''>Rinari</a> (ELisp)</dt>
@@ -128,27 +134,31 @@
<dd>A flexible, composable mechanism by which you can extend
behaviour of functions after they've been defined.</dd>
- <dt><a href=''>Slamhound</a> (Clojure)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Slamhound</a> (Clojure)</dt>
<dd>A tool for reconstructing namespace declarations in Clojure files.</dd>
<dt>Miscellaneous Emacs Libraries</dt>
<dd><a href=''>find-file-in-project.el</a>,
<a href=''>idle-highlight.el</a>,
- <a href=''>ri.el</a>, and
+ <a href=''>ri.el</a>, and
<a href=''>scpaste.el</a>.
+ <dt><a href=''>Swarm Coding</a></dt>
+ <dd>A presentation given at Clojure/West 2012 on running group-coding
+ sessions geared towards exploration and learning.</dd>
<dt><a href="">Getting
Cozy with Emacs</a></dt>
<dd>A workshop at <a href="">Strange Loop
2011</a> for getting the most out of your Emacs customizations.</dd>
<dt><a href="">Making Leiningen work for You</a></dt>
<dd>A presentation given at Clojure Conj 2010 on Leiningen, the
- build tool.</p>
+ project automation tool.</p>
<dt><a href=''>Functional
Programming with Clojure &ndash; Peepcode</a></dt>
@@ -170,16 +180,16 @@
- <dt><a href=''>Clojure HTTP Client</a> (Clojure)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Clojure HTTP Client</a> (Clojure)</dt>
<dd>An HTTP client for the Clojure language. Deprecated in favor of
- <a href=''>clj-http</a>.</dd>
+ <a href=''>clj-http</a>.</dd>
<dt><a href=''>Concourse</a> (Ruby)</dt>
<dd>A web application to help schedule gatherings among participants
with varying schedules. My <a href='/47'>entry for Railsday
- <dt><a href=''>Conspire</a> (Ruby)</dt>
+ <dt><a href=''>Conspire</a> (Ruby)</dt>
<dd>A real-time collaborative editing platform using Git as a
transport layer. Deprecated in favor of <a href=''>Rudel</a>.</dd>
@@ -194,7 +204,7 @@
<dt><a href=''>Gitjour</a> (Ruby)</dt>
<dd>A tool for sharing git repositories on a local network over
ZeroConf. I maintained this project but did not create
- it. Deprecated in favor of <a href="">Bananajour</a>.</dd>
+ it. Deprecated in favor of <a href="">Bananajour</a>.</dd>
<dt><a href='/28'>RAV</a> (Ruby)</dt>
<dd>A plugin for visualizing the data model of Rails
@@ -50,9 +50,6 @@
<a href=''>AMQP</a>,
<a href=''>Git</a>,
<a href='http://'>Chef</a>,
- <a href=''>Rails</a>,
- <a href=''>Rack</a>,
- <a href=''>Vlad the Deployer</a>,
<a href=''>nginx</a>, and more.</dd>
@@ -1,7 +0,0 @@
- <head>
- <meta http-equiv="refresh"
- content="0;url="/>
- <title>Redirecting to github</title>
- </head>

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