A TextMate bundle providing Drupal 6 API support to TextMate
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Drupal 6 support for TextMate

This is a Drupal 6 TextMate bundle. It provides support for the bulkier Drupal 6 APIs like hook_block and FAPI.


You can follow the standard TextMate installation instructions for installing this bundle.

If you want to continue developing this bundle, this is the recommended procedure for doing so:

  • Clone the repository (feel free to fork!)
  • Make a symbolic link from Drupal6.tmbundle in your source to ~/Libarary/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/Drupal6.tmbundle
  • Restart TextMate or reload the bundles ('Bundles > Bundle Editor > Reload bundles')

Please send me a pull request if you commit anything cool. I'd love to keep growing this bundle.