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Pirum Phing Tasks

This defines Phing build system tasks for managing a PEAR server with Pirum.


Via Pear:

$ pear channel-discover
$ pear install querypath/Phing-Pirum

From there, you should be able to import the Pirum tasks in Phing build.xml files.


If you are using this in its pre-1.0.0 state, you may need to install from GitHub by cloning this repository. You may also be able to get a download from the project download page.


Using Phing-Pirum is simple. Once Phing-Pirum is installed, you simply need to make the tasks available in your build.xml file, and then you can use them.

Making them available

Just add this near the top of your build.xml:

<!-- includepath classpath="path/to/PhingPirum"/ -->
<taskdef classname="PhingPirum.Task.PirumBuildTask" name="pirumbuild"/>
<taskdef classname="PhingPirum.Task.PirumAddTask" name="pirumadd"/>

You will only need to use the includepath element if your Phing system cannot find the PirumBuildTask or the PirumAddTask on its own.

Setting up a new Pirum channel

Setting up a Pirum channel is well-documented by the Pirum project. Here's the short version:

  1. Create a directory for your Pirum channel: myProject/pear
  2. Add a pirum.xml file into the channel directory. You can copy Phing-Pirum/tests/pirum.xml

Building a channel in build.xml

To build a channel in your build.xml, just add this task to a target:

<pirumbuild targetdir="path/to/channel/directory" />

Given our example above, we could build the channel using this simple target:

<target name="buildChannel">
  <pirumbuild targetdir="myProject/pear" />

That will build a new channel when you execute phing buildChannel.

Adding a package to a channel

The Pirum Add Task adds an existing PEAR package to a channel. (See the Phing PearPackage2Task for an example of transforming your source into a PEAR package.)

Once you have a channel in place, you can very simply add a pre-build PEAR package to the channel using the pirumadd target.

<pirumadd targetdir="path/to/channel/directory" packagefile="./Foo-1.0.0.tgz"/>

The above adds the package Foo-1.0.0.tgz to the PEAR channel. Let's look at the above example extended to add a package:

<target name="buildChannel">
  <property name="channel" value="myProject/pear"/>
  <pirumbuild targetdir="${channel}" />
  <pirumadd targetdir="${channel}" packagefile="./Foo-1.0.0.tgz"/>

This example shows how we can first build a channel, and then add the Foo-1.0.0 package to that channel.

Moving on...

Once you have your PEAR channel updated with a new package, you can copy the entire channel directory to your PEAR server and begin serving your packages.