A simple Drush-based script for importing BaseCamp projects into Open Atrium.
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BaseCamp to OpenAtrium Migration Tool

The bc2oa tool is a Drush-specific tool for migrating a BaseCamp project into an OpenAtrium project.

In its current iteration, it is not intended to be a general-purpose tool, but a starting place for you to very easily write a custom importer. I wrote it to meet my needs, and am providing it in hopes that others may find it useful, as well.



  1. Copy bc2oa.php into your OpenAtrium root directory (where index.php lives).
  2. Export your basecamp site to XML, and place the XML file in the same directory.
  3. Edit bc2oa.php, paying special attention to the settings section at the top.
  4. DISABLE the CT Mail module while you run the script (unless you like email).
  5. Run bc2oa.php as a Drush script. This will bootstrap Drupal for you.
  6. Wait.

As with all migration tools, you will most certainly have to run the migration several times to make sure everything is handled satisfactorily. You will probably also have to tweek PHP.

Running bc2oa.php

The script is designed to be run as user 1 from within a Drupal environment (e.g. with the database bootstrapped and all of that). The easiest way to execute this is with a simple Drush command:

drush --user=1 php-script ./bc2oa.php

Note that this forces the user to user 1, and then executes the PHP script after Drupal is boostrapped. This could take a half an hour or more.


The tool here contains only the features I needed. Other migration needs may require you to add your own features.

If you would like to contribute back to this project to improve the structure, add features, or just make it more generic, please do. This is an itch-scratching project (I only needed it once), so please do support it with new contributions.


This software is released AS-IS under an MIT-style license. See LICENSE.txt for details.


Original author: Matt Butcher Contributors: Rob Malon