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Draft Packs for Brigade

This project contains Draft packs oriented toward Brigade.

Available Packs:

  • brigade-gateway: Quickly create a new Brigade gateway using a base Node.js project.


Add this GitHub repo as a pack repository:

$ draft pack-repo add https://github.com/technosophos/draft-brigade

You can verify that the repository was added using draft pack-repo list.


Use the brigade-gateway pack to rapidly create custom Brigade webhook gateways. You can get a basic Brigade gateway running in under 5 minutes using this JavaScript builder.

To begin using Brigade gateway scaffold, simply do this:

$ mkdir myGateway
$ cd myGateway
$ draft create --pack brigade-gateway
$ # Edit index.js
$ draft up
$ # See your work in progress:
$ draft connect
$ curl $URL_FROM_CONNECT/healthz

The index.js file is pre-configured for rapidly creating an HTTP/HTTPS Brigade gateway. Inside of the index.js file, you will find instructions for modifying it to suit your needs.

Node Starter

The node starter pack is an opinionated Node.js application. It has two purposes:

  1. Help Node.js developers get a running Kubernetes app in less than two minutes
  2. Serve as a pattern for other deep language packs

To get started:

$ mkdir node-demo
$ cd node-demo
$ draft install --app node-demo --pack brigade-node
$ yarn install # or npm install or whatever you use

At this point you should have a functional testable app.

$ yarn test
yarn run v1.3.2

      ✓ should return 'hello world'
      ✓ should return 'hello boulder'

  2 passing (6ms)

✨  Done in 0.42s.

To run it, do yarn start, and it will start a webserver.

To get going with the coding, edit src/index.js and build your app!