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Vim snippets for Drupal 7

Stability: Unsupported

This VIM plugin provides Drupal snippets (and minimal configuration) for coding Drupal modules and themes.


This VIM plugin uses VIM-Snipmate.

It is primarily tested using Janus:

The original version was developed using Pathogen and VIM-Snippets (both of which are part of Janus):

Janus Install

To begin, you may need to create ~/.janus. From there, it's a matter of cloning this repository:

$ cd ~/.janus
$ git clone git://

You may need to restart VIM so the new module can load.

Standard (pathogen) install:

Clone the repo in to the ~/.vim/bundle directory.

$ cd ~/.vim/bundle
$ git clone git://


This package providers hundreds of Drupal snippets.


To start a new *.module file, open the empty file and type newmod. This will create the necessary module structure.

Similarly, other files can be scaffolded:

  • newinc: Start a new inc file.
  • newinstall: Scaffold an install file
  • newinfo: Start a new info file (only works if the extension is .info).


All core Drupal 7 hook are provided in this package.

  • Type hook_HOOKNAME*<tab>* for annotated snippets. These often contain additional data structures (like menu items).
  • Type h_HOOKNAME*<tab>* for the non-annotated versions.
  • hook with no name will stub a generic hook callback.

FAPI and Other Structures

  • fi and fapi generate basic form items.
  • For FAPI field types, type fapi_FIELDTYPE**. Example: fapi_textarea expands to a full text area definition.
  • mi and menu_item expand to menu item arrays.
  • blocki and block_item expand to block items


  • t, tt, and ttt expand to form various flavors of t(). (Note that t may be overridden by the PHP snipmate-snippets file).
  • link expands to an l() function.
  • watchd and watchedog [ERROR|NOTICE|WARNING] expand to various expansions of watchdog().
  • dsm expands to drupal_set_message().
  • ddump, jdump, and jlog provide methods of dumping variables.
  • d.o expands to


Basic documentation is present in the doc/ folder.