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If you are using a recent version of Helm, you do not need this anymore!

helm template is now a built-in part of Helm. Just run helm template --help with your existing Helm.

Helm Template Plugin

This is a Helm plugin to help chart developers debug their charts. It works like helm install --dry-run --debug, except that it runs locally, has more output options, and is quite a bit faster.


Render chart templates locally and display the output.

This does not require Tiller. However, any values that would normally be looked up or retrieved in-cluster will be faked locally. Additionally, none of the server-side testing of chart validity (e.g. whether an API is supported) is done.

$ helm template [flags] CHART


      --notes               show the computed NOTES.txt file as well.
      --set string          set values on the command line. See 'helm install -h'
  -f, --values valueFiles   specify one or more YAML files of values (default [])
  -v, --verbose             show the computed YAML values as well.


$ helm plugin install

The above will fetch the latest binary release of helm template and install it.

Developer (From Source) Install

If you would like to handle the build yourself, instead of fetching a binary, this is how recommend doing it.

First, set up your environment:

  • You need to have Go installed. Make sure to set $GOPATH
  • If you don't have Glide installed, this will install it into $GOPATH/bin for you.

Clone this repo into your $GOPATH. You can use go get -d for that.

$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make bootstrap build
$ SKIP_BIN_INSTALL=1 helm plugin install $GOPATH/src/

That last command will skip fetching the binary install and use the one you built.