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Sorry, new to the 'branching' part - adjusted CREDITS (thanks btw!) #85

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I know i probably should'a just done a branch but i've JUST NOW gotten used to the whole fetch/merge/remote/blah/blah stuff ;) the branching scares the be-Coder outta me :P.

@technosophos technosophos merged commit 6dc16bb into technosophos:master

Also, thanks for the CREDIT - you didn't need to, but thx!


My feeling is that if anyone takes the time to fork the project, make a change, file an issue, and issue the pull request, the least I can do is acknowledge that they put effort into making this a better library.


Thanks. ;) is there a better process for which to do something like this last commit=>pull request I made? I want to learn how to make it easier for people like yourself without having to make a complete pull request. I know this isn't a tutorial place, but i would love a 3-4 liner that branches it, allows me to commit the branch and then pull the branch... that way you would just merge the branch into yours instead of having to pull the entire job/commit.


Pull requests tend to be the easiest for smaller fixes. From my perspective, I can either treat them as a branch (check it out, play with it, merge it when it's ready), or use GitHub's one-click merge button to do an automatic server-side merge.

For both of your patches, I did all of my patch review inside of GitHub. When someone makes a more intrusive change, I often pull down the pull request branch and QA locally.


cool, makes sense, thx for the detailed approach, i'll submit a regular pull request in the future - as i did in this situation ;) thanks again, T.

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