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I don't even know what this is going to be, yet. Right now, it's just a Riak Search testbed. Probably not useful for anyone.


Setup the rubies:

gem install bundler
bundle install

And the Riaks:

brew install riak-search # or equivalent
riaksearch start

# setup the search schema
search-cmd set-schema stars db/stars.erl
search-cmd set-schema clusters db/clusters.erl

# setup the automatic riak kv => riak search hooks
search-cmd install stars
search-cmd install clusters


All JSON API for now. The actual serialization and fields will likely change.

  • create a cluster
    • POST /clusters
  • create a star
    • POST /clusters/:id/stars
  • get a cluster
    • GET /clusters/:id
  • get a star
    • GET /stars/:id
  • get stars in a cluster
    • GET /clusters/:id/stars
    • ?q=blah - search content
    • ?t=Campfire - filter by type
    • ?custom[foo] - filter by custom field
    • ?start - the starting result of the query (pagination)


No tests. shrug lol