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Scans incoming emails for mapped recipients and sends an HTTP POST somewhere.

  @user = :login => 'bob'
  @user.password = @user.password_confirmation = 'monkey'

  # set a mapping to accept email for
  @mapping = => 'support', :email_domain => '', :destination => '...')
  # you can also create wildcards for users: => 'reply-*', :email_domain => '', ...) => '*', :email_domain => '', ...)

  # need a script to read from STDIN to process emails.
  /usr/bin/merb -m /var/www/astrotrain -r 'Message.receive(' -e production

  # set it up in postfix (, ymmv)
  astrotrain unix  -       n       n       -       -       pipe
  flags=O user=www-data argv=/var/www/astrotrain/

This is still highly experimental.  Don't even bother with the web UI yet,
there's no protection against anyone signing up and creating mappings on your server.


Real web UI
Jabber support
DRb daemon
bounced emails
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