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mihael commented Dec 6, 2010

hey technoweenie,

first I am thankful to you for developing attachment_fu in the first place.

I have a production project running on rails 2.3.8 with attachment_fu. I started upgrading to rails3.0.3 and run into a bunch of problems. at first I got a little scared and thought I should just switch my code to use something like paperclip or carrierwave. looking at those projects made me realize I would run into many more troubles trying to convert my code.

so I cast away all the fear and pulled up my sleeves. I made some minor changes to attachment_fu and made it compatible with the latest rails release.

maybe You want to pull this for other developers that may be walking the same path.

all the best and thanks again!

baxang commented Apr 25, 2011

It doesn't seem to work on rails 3.0.3.

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