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a javascript DSL for building async web apps
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(fab) - a modular async web framework

(fab) is a lightweight toolkit that makes it easy to build asynchronous web apps. It takes advantage of the flexibility and functional nature of javascript to create a concise "DSL", without pre-compilation or magic scope hackery.

Here's an example of a "hello world" app:

fab = require( "../" );

require( "http" ).createServer( fab

  ( /^\/hello/ )

    ( fab.tmpl, "Hello, <%= this[ 0 ] %>!" )

    ( /^\/(\w+)$/ )
      ( fab.capture )
      ( [ "world" ] )

  ( 404 )

).listen( 0xFAB );

See more examples, learn how to make your own apps, or see the apps that (fab) provides for you.

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