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+# Faraday
+This is the old location of Faraday. Only the release tags will be synced here.
+Faraday now lives at
+## Change Your Remote
+Pick your poison (https, ssh, git). Replace `origin` with the name you use to
+refer to `technoweenie/faraday`.

pmutta Dec 4, 2013

so is it going to be like:

$ git remote set-url technoweenie/faraday git://

for git users.

instead of:
$ git remote set-url origin git://

I'm a complete rookie at this, so it's not so obvious to me if it is to you.Thanks in advance!!!


technoweenie Dec 4, 2013


Nope, "origin" is the name of the remote. You do have to be in your faraday directory. My commands should work verbatim unless you're on a different remote. If you've never worked with forks in your local repository, it's probably "origin".

If all hell goes loose, you can just clone it again in a new location too.

+ $ git remote set-url origin
+ $ git remote set-url origin
+ $ git remote set-url origin git://
+## Host Your Own Faraday Repository
+If you have a Faraday-related repository (middleware, adapters, etc), you are
+more than welcome to host it under lostisland if you like. You'll get full
+push and administrative access of course.

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