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* SVN *
* Experimental comment preview. [court3nay]
* Add multi-site admin interface. [Vincent, j2m]
* Update Wordpress converter to support Wordpress 2.3+. [Aubrey]
* refactor so that admin/comments is more restful, allow inline comment editing in the admin. [court3nay]
* convert to cookie sessions.
* Fix some failing test issues and git => svn sync errors. [Aubrey, octopod]
* Fix issue where duplicate permalinks are allowed.
* Fix admin/users issue where site admins could disable mephisto admins.
* Fix nil.accept_comments? bug in CommentForm block.
* allow the various link_to filters to accept multiple args to specify more html attributes. [rob-twf]
# use this order: :text, :title, :id, :class, :rel
link_to_article article, "click here", "this article", "article-1", "articles", "whatever-rel-means"
* encode search/tag urls properly. [rob-twf]
* update article forms to explain new tag syntax (comma and space delimited tags) [xavier, rick]
* start converting tests to rspec.
* tweak mephisto_init to support the new ActionController::Dispatcher class. [Rob Anderton]
* Don't generate an article event for unversioned changes. [Marcus Brito]
* Switch to will_paginate plugin. [Mislav]
* unit test fixes for those not using mysql or psql. [Mislav]
* add comment moderation links to the overview. [court3nay]
* convert tests to use test/spec instead of simply bdd. [Chris McGrath]
* move xmlrpc stuff to plugin. rails doesn't include AWS anymore. May need some simple autodetection so the plugin just prints a warning if AWS isn't found.
* turn off session for mephisto controller. sorry, caused way too many problems.
* fix url_for calls with symbolized controllers/actions.
* Fix controllers so include_into works with them.
* Change plugin class/module to Mephisto::Plugin and Mephisto::Plugins. Sorry for the breakage (still technically experimental!).
* Fix admin overview date timezone. [Ben Wyrosdick]
* Extract template rendering code to separate handler class, add support for alternate template handlers. [Pascal Belloncle]
* Add {{ }} and {{ article | next: section }} for paginating articles [Pascal Belloncle]
* [converters] initial movable type support [sd]
* [converters] use no filter for wordpress articles
* Small bug fixes
- show correct asset thumbnail url
- assert with correct named asset resource route
- add missing fixtures for About Section Feed Test
- update asset labeling tests to reflect current behavior
* RESTRICT hyphens as a possible separator for permalink styles. [Chris Wanstrath]
* Initial article/asset assignment support. Perfect for podcasting.
* Raise MissingThemesError if Site#theme is nil
* RIP: Site#search_layout
* Add link_to_search_result filter that uses either a paged or blog permalink, depending on the search section.
* Allow search page to take ?s parameter to specify section path.
* nil (default) - all sections
* '' (empty string) - home section
* 'foo/bar' - given section
* Initial Plugin Whammy Jammy [Nick Faiz, Rick Olson]
* link_to_section adds class='selected' for the current section [Tammo Freese]
* Process article permalinks with Iconv.
* Support rel-tag microformat by default in liquid filters
* Make ImageScience the default image processor for assets.
If you wish to configure this, set ASSET_IMAGE_PROCESSOR to one of 3 values in environment.rb
ASSET_IMAGE_PROCESSOR = :image_science || :rmagick || :none
* paged section feeds will show the paged url for articles instead of the long permalink.
* Replace a couple @article.full_permalink instances with @site.permalink_for(@article) [defunkt]
# Allow Resource#non_image_extnames to be overridden by plugins [myles_b]
* filter password fields in logs [chrissturm]
* add *.ico to list of approved extensions for theme resources [myles_b]
* Link comments to the currently logged in user, requires latest edge/1.2 rails [Josh Susser]
* Convert typo filters and permalinks to mephisto [Josh Susser]
* replace acts_as_attachment with attachment_fu plugin
* add tags to atom feed [evilchelu]
* flexible theme names in routes [evilchelu]
* update liquid plugin
* use default domain where possible [courtenay]
* fix test ensuring that comments, not articles are sanitized for script tags [courtenay]
* fix articles form for latest rails 1.2 changes to date helpers [courtenay]
* fix test that breaks in multi-site mode [courtenay]
* Allow Modules to use #include_into to dynamically mixin to loaded classes (plugin stuff)
* Allow custom routes.
Mephisto::Routing.connect_with map do ...
* fix that only published articles are available as section pages.
Add sorting for liquid for statements.
{% for page in section.pages limit: 3 sort_by: title %}
* 0.7.3 *
* Fix duplicate tag bug.
* add Mephisto.root javascript variable in case a mephisto site sets the relative_url_root
* don't sanitize custom anchor text for liquid filters [Jonathan Leighton]
* Fix nil authorization header bug.
* fix bug preventing plain html filter
* Fix akismet response issue
* 0.7.2 OFFICIAL *
* Allow safe fallback for bad Site#current_theme_path settings.
* Add another possible key to check for HTTP Basic Authentication
* Add shortcut to disable comments on an article from the comment moderation page.
* 0.7.1 PRE-RELEASE *
* add more robust tagging [Moritz Angermann]
* Fixed duplicate body bug in default Simpla theme when article has no excerpt
* Show excerpt by default on admin edit if the article has one
* big change to templates - store current site template in the Site db record. Store templates in /themes/site-#{id}/*.
no more current/other/rollback bs.
* recognize swf files in themes
* When moderating comments, article title now links to edit action, magnifying glass links to article on site.
* Improve comment admin workflow by adding the comments awaiting moderation to to single moderation pages.
* Default theme is now Simpla (
* Implement movable type xml-rpc API [Moritz Angermann]
* Enhance error recovery in the wordpress converter [Chris Petrilli]
* Fix Site#tags query to return distinct tags [DeLynn Berry]
* Simplify and properly test admin/article permissions for non-admins.
* Change child_section and descendent_section methods in the SiteDrop to search the preloaded sections array.
* Added global mode var to all templates to check what mode you're in: section, single, page, archive, search, tag
* Remove any notion of a template hierarchy, and the page template itself. Paged sections now default to the 'single' template.
* Added {{ mode }} so you can check what 'view' you're in.
{% unless mode == 'single' %} Read more {% endunless %}
* Ensure templates are sorted by name [Brian Chapados]
* Fix bug that was caching redirected routes.
* fix wordpress converter bug, set default email on invalid comments. [Hampton Catlin]
* change time delta so the end date is one second earlier, so a search doesn't include the articles on the next month. [Jon Leighton]
* use precise time methods when calculating time deltas [Jon Leighton]
* remove .svn dirs when copying default them [Cristi Balan]
* Added linked_tag_list(article, separator). Use like linked_section_list.
* Enhanced the theme preview slightly
* Changed some wording on moderate comments area
* Added linked_section_list(article, separator)
Pass in an article and it will return that articles sections all linked up.
{{ article | linked_section_list }}
{{ article | linked_section_list: ' and ' }}
* 0.7.0 PRE-RELEASE *
* Removed archive.liquid and index.liquid fallbacks
* NEW FEATURE: Redirections (see environment.rb)
* Allow drag/drop reordering of sections in a site [Bill Katz]
* Refine child_sections liquid filter, add descendant_sections filter [Cristi Balan]
{{ 'projects' | child_sections }} # => any sections with a path matching projects/foo, but not projects/foo/bar
{{ 'projects' | descendant_sections }} # => any sections starting with /projects/*
* allow macros to ignore extra line breaks after a start tag and before an end tag [Ben Bleything]
* Add XML:Base to atom feeds (thanks Sam Ruby)
* Add comments and changes feeds for articles.
{{ article | comments_feed }}
{{ article | changes_feed: "Latest Changes for this Article" }}
* Cache article-specific fields in comments table, allow simple linking to article:
{{ comment | link_to_article }}
{{ comment.url }}
* Add Liquid Filter helpers for showing comment/article feeds for a section
{{ section | comments_feed }}
{{ section | articles_feed: "Latest Articles for this section" }}
* Add site-specific comment atom feeds and global site comment feeds
{{ '' | all_comments_feed }}
{{ 'comments.xml' | atom_feed }} # comments for home section
{{ 'atom.xml' | atom_feed }} # articles for home section
{{ 'projects/foo/comments.xml' | atom_feed: "Project Foo Comments" }} # comments for projects/foo section with optional title
* Add liquid drop/filters for getting the latest comments for a section.
{{ section | latest_comments: 2 }}
{% for comment in section.comments %}
* Implement theme admin functionality, such as import/export/change/remove
* Remove title from file upload form. You must use the asset interface if you want to change a files title.
* Allow ability to apply a tag group to all files in file upload form.
* Improve multi-file upload interface.
* Adding Theme admin. Restructure theme paths to include site-specific private themes.
/themes/site-#{id}/current - holds current theme
/themes/site-#{id}/others/* - private themes
The migration should copy your files over. Rolling back to version 59 will move them back.
* Add {{ section | link_to_month: '2006-9' }} for linking to archive pages.
* Add {{ '2006-1' | parse_date }} for general date parsing
* Fixed issues previewing article drafts
# Added new liquid vars {{ site.latest_articles }} and {{ site.latest_comments }},
as well as filters like {{ site | latest_articles: 5 }} or {{ site | latest_comments: 5 }}
* move liquid drops/filters to app/drops and app/filters
* add multi-asset uploading capabilities.
* add password resetting ability [Geoff Davis, Rick Olson]
* remove 'pages' and 'comments' variables in page/single template types. Instead use 'section.pages' and 'article.comments', respectively.
* Find child sections of a section
{{ 'projects' | child_sections }} # => any sections with a path like projects/*
* Find articles in a section in Liquid
{{ section | latest_articles }}
{{ 'about' | section | latest_article | assign_to: 'bio' }}
<div>{{ bio.body }}</div>
* Find section by path in Liquid
{{ 'about' | section }}
* Support for assigning liquid variables.
{{ 5 | assign_to: 'age' }} sets age = 5
{{ site.tags | assign_to 'tags' }} sets tags = site.tags
* Liquid include tag support [Geoff Davis]
{% include 'foo' %} includes the '_foo.liquid' template.
* Experimental MetaWeblog Support [Corey Donohue, Patrick Lenz]
* Added 'my' option to format_date for use with archive_date
* Added archive_date liquid tag for archive view
* Change comments so that the text filter is taken from the site, not the article
* Integrate referenced page caching into the app.
* Add Comment validations and better error messages [Geoff Davis]
* Changed published_at_for to use ordinalized string
* Changed published_at_for to use :mdy and :plain
* 0.6.1 *
* Use ActionController::AbstractRequest.relative_url_root for sites under a root path like /blog
* fix odd timezone bug when saving articles
* fix bug with <typo:code> macro
* bad feed urls raise ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound, and return 404 in production
* dont bomb out on comment events without an event body
* fix bug where you're unable to delete an empty comment
* Ignore drafts and articles published in the future when searching.
* sanitize posted comments
* Fix bug where atom feed content from textile was double encoded
* sanitize atom feed content
* 0.6 *
* Change conversion scripts to use Mephisto.convert_from instead:
Mephisto.convert_from :typo
* Added spinner graphic for asset searches from article page
* Added link to the public homepage
* Added spinner graphics for search request in assets area
* Added icons for video, audio, and other docs
* [CHANGED] Changed {{ article.body }} and added {{ article.content }}
* {{ article.body }} is now always the article's body, regardless of what template is currently being rendered.
* {{ article.content }} tries to be a little smart. On sections with multiple articles, it shows the excerpt, or the body if the excerpt is missing.
Single article templates show the body.
* [NEW] Added {{ article.excerpt }} liquid tag for accessing an articles excerpt.
* Change - Article#body_for_mode only returns the body, not excerpt + body. This means you'll have to do this in your templates
if you want to show both:
{{ article.excerpt }}
{{ article.body }}
* Activated Assets with searching and tagging.
* Store filters as a single string field, remove the Serialize hacks.
* Bye bye PageNavigation block.
Change this:
{% pagenavigation %}
<li>{{ }}</li>
{% endpagenavigation %}
{% for page in pages %}
<li>{{ page | link_to_page }}</li>
{% endfor %}
* Enhance the site host validations so it requires a valid domain name.
* Add basic asset support [Justin, Rick]
* fix user fixtures [Cristi Balan]
* Add windows binary file support to acts as attachment [Cristi Balan]
* escape HTML entered for comment author/url fields [Cristi Balan]
* add category tags to the atom feed [Cristi Balan]
* Port the ReferencedPageCaching controller to the Mephisto admin interface [DeLynn Berry]
* Add extra site and search vars [Rick]
{{ site.articles_per_page }}
{{ search_string }}
{{ search_count }}
* Identify current section in Liquid [Rick]
{{ site.current_section }}
{% for section in site.sections %}
{% if section.current %}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
* Fix issue where Articles don't allow comments with comment_age = 0 [Rick]