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Feb 2, 2009


Fix display of theme homepage links
Many thanks to Gustavo Sales (aka vatsu) for pointing out this bug and
proposing a fix:

In order to minimize code duplication in the *.erb files, I've rewritten
this code as a helper method.
Dec 20, 2008


Update to emk-safe_erb 0.1.2
This fixes script/generate and the standard Rails error page.
Dec 5, 2008


replace use of '<<' operator with '+=' operator in find_child_section…
…s and find_decendant_sections in SiteDrop

We found that mutiple calls to the 'child_sections' drop filter was modifying the value of the path
attribute inside of SectionDrops.  The SiteDrop methods find_child_sections and find_decentdent_sections
used the '<<' operator to append a '/' charecter to the path.  This had the side effect of modifying
the original string in memory.  The "+=" while slower, uses a copy of the string passed as parameter.

The gave us the behavior we would expect.
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