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Creates in-memory versions of models for testing. This attempts to solve a
few problems with ActiveRecord Fixtures:
Speed - There's no hit to the database and no cleanup between tests.
Flexibility - You can define a global set of stubs, or define custom ones
for specific tests/specs
A lot of these ideas were taken from various approaches to fixtures and mocking
that I've seen:
fixture scenarios (
unit_record (
Rspec and #mock_model
Exemplar (
I actually saw Exemplar after I wrote the initial version, but they do seem similar.
I honestly don't know if this is a better way or anything, I'm just experimenting with
a different approach. Oh, and apparently this is an implementation of the ObjectMother
( pattern?
# test/unit example
# test/unit support not fully implemented yet
require 'model_stubbing'
class FooTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
define_models do
time 2007, 6, 1
model Role do
stub :owner, :name => 'owner'
stub :author, :name => 'author'
model User do
stub :name => 'bob', :admin => false
stub :admin, :admin => true # inherits from default fixture
stub :author, :roles => [all_stubs(:author_role)]
stub :owner, :roles => [all_stubs(:author_role), all_stubs(:owner_role)]
model Post do
# uses admin user fixture above
stub :title => 'initial', :user => all_stubs(:admin_user),
:published_at => current_time + 5.days
def test_foo
@user = users(:default) # default user stub
@admin = users(:admin)
@custom = users(:default, :age => 25) # custom attributes,
#but not equal to @user any more
@post = posts(:default)
@post.user # equal to @admin above
current_time # stubbed to be 6/1/2007 using mocha or rspec
# rspec example
require 'model_stubbing'
describe Foo do
* Support other mocking frameworks besides rspec and mocha?
* Support Sequel, DataMapper, etc? I use AR, but I'm willing to abstract
some of that out in case someone wants to support another ORM.