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Node.js PubSubHubbub client/server implementation

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Nub Nub

Nub Nub is a Node.js implementation of a PubSubHubbub client and server. At the core, it's meant to be web server and data store agnostic. Specifics of feed fetching are out of scope.

This library attempts to be compliant to the PubSubHubbub spec.

Handling a Subscribe or Unsubscribe request

See section 6.1 of the spec.

var nub = require('nubnub');
var sub = nub.subscribe(POST_DATA);
sub.callback      // some URL

Verifying a Subscription

See section 6.2 of the spec.

// verify the subscription
sub.check_verification(function(err, resp) {


Pushing data to subscribers

See section 7.3 of the spec.

// publish data 
sub.publish(items, {format: "atom"}, function(err, resp) {



  • Example server implementations with various backends? (redis, mysql, nstore)
  • Implementation of Content Notification.
  • Logic for scanning feeds.
  • Logic for retrying failed verification or failed pushes as necessary.


Run this in the main directory to compile coffeescript to javascript as you go:

coffee -wc -o lib --no-wrap src/**/*.coffee
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