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an amazon s3 clone and bittorrent service (in ruby)
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bin add bundler gemfile. use `bundle exec bin/parkplace` to get shit started
lib equal opportunity for all sqlite3 gems
static * bin/parkplace: fix the default admin warning.
.gitignore add bundler gemfile. use `bundle exec bin/parkplace` to get shit started
COPYING * Rakefile: build gems, install, uninstall, docs.
README * README: basic instructions.
Rakefile * Rakefile: whoooops, the gem was missing the css and stuff.
setup.rb * setup.rb: the famous!


  Park Place                                               an Amazon-S3 clone

  Okay, so, you've checked out from Subversion and you want to get this suckr
  up and everything.

  First, a checklist:

    1. Do you have Camping and Mongrel installed?

         gem install camping mongrel --include-dependencies

    2. I would also recommend the `sendfile' gem if you're on non-Windows.

         gem install sendfile

    3. Do you have SQLite3 installed?  (If you don't want to mess with the
       database driver.)

         Follow these instructions EXACTLY AS WRITTEN:

  Okay, time to turn it on:


  Once you're sold, you can go ahead and install it for reals:

    sudo ruby setup.rb

         for more, visit:
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