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fixing missing method recently_activated for --includes-activation me…

…thod (method is included if using stateful)
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1 parent fc5486d commit 9a5f50690a204922328fc7773a0317d82cbd919d Matt Vincent committed with Jun 16, 2008
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  1. +4 −0 generators/authenticated/templates/model.rb
@@ -45,6 +45,10 @@ def recently_activated?
def active?
# the existence of an activation code means they have not activated yet
+ end
+ def recently_activated?

OmriShiv Dec 24, 2010

This is actually a duplicate of the same action on line 38. I don't know if this is what purist was referring to

+ @activated
end<% end %>
# Authenticates a user by their login name and unencrypted password. Returns the user or nil.

3 comments on commit 9a5f506

hi. i'm trying out this restful-authentication, thanks for your work on this. still testing out my install, i had a little trouble at first and i thought i'd post my findings.

i ran into method_missing for recently_activated when creating a new user ( w/ activate and aasm ). while tracking down the problem i noticed that this change was already added by oboxodo July 05, 2008.

depending on your intentions, there's either a bug here OR a bug on line 8 of generators/authenticated/templates/observer.rb and i'll add a comment there about it.


technoweenie replied Dec 24, 2010

Please file a pull request. I haven't use this library in years :)


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