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experimental ZeroMQ task worker thing.
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Service Queue

Experimental zeromq task broker for possible use with GitHub Services.

The code is pretty hackish and untested still. You can set it up like this:

  1. Install zeromq (with homebrew or equivalent).
  2. Install node 0.4.8, npm 1.0.x, and coffee-script.
  3. With npm, install zeromq.
  4. Setup ruby 1.8 or 1.9 with the zeromq gem.

Start the broker:

$ coffee

Start a worker:

$ ruby worker.rb

If you want to start multiple workers, give them unique names:

$ ruby worker.rb 1
$ ruby worker.rb 2
$ ruby worker.rb 3

Start up a requester to submit a job:

$ ruby requester.rb

Like workers, you can start up multiple requesters with unique names:

$ ruby requester.rb 1
$ ruby requester.rb 2
$ ruby requester.rb 3

This amazing service will add exclamations to your input!

>> abc
=> abc!

More to come.

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