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Kotlin Node.js Seed Project

This project is an application skeleton for a typical Node.js app written entirely with Kotlin.

Node.js app written with Kotlin

Full Tutorial coming soon

Node.js app with Kotlin


What's in this project?

  1. express.js to run server and routing
  2. ejs templating engine for express.js
  3. Kotlin Dependencies
  4. kotlin-js to compile/trans-compile kotlin to js

How to Use:

Compile Kotlin to JS using gradle

On Windows

$ gradlew.bat build

On Linux / Mac

$ ./gradlew build

Run Node Server

$ ./gradlew :backend:nodeRun

Run web-pack dev server with continues reload

$ ./gradlew :webapp:browserDevelopmentRun -t

Project structure

This project consist of three modules:

  • backend
    • this is where server-side node.js implementation exists
  • common
    • consists of shared implementations between back-end and front-end
    • do not include any secrets in this module as it is share with front-end
  • webapp
    • this is the front-end module that renders the single page application

Kotlin official site

To Do

  1. add frontend framework
  2. use jetbrains frontend plugin for dependency management and hot-reload
  3. add unit tests
  4. add end-to-end tests