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Cyber-Defense-Competition-Scripts: Having fun playing as Blue Team.

Created by @Tech

Over the past few weeks leading up to competition day, I have wrote the following scripts to secure our systems in less than 5 minutes. Incase of an intrustion, we can bring systems back up with less downtime. Moreover, none of the systems below got compromised during the competition!

These include:

  • Centos OS, for our Mail Server (Using iRedMail+dovcot on centos)
  • Ubuntu OS, for our FTP Server
  • Debian OS, for our Web Server
  • Drupal Web Server
  • Windows 2008 R2 for our Active Directory
  • Bonus: The HMI that ran off a raspberry pi!


I have added comments to the code as it goes to give you a better understanding of what each line is doing, for more stories on this past CDC event, visit my blog!