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This repository contains a number of sample projects for SpecFlow+:

  • AppVeyor_Support: A sample showing how to use SpecFlow+Runner with AppVeyor (
  • CustomDeploymentSteps: A sample project based on the WindowsAppDriver project demonstrating how to use Custom Deployment Steps to set up your testing environment
  • DeploymentTransformationMultipleThreads: A sample project demonstrating how to use parallel test execution on a database using deployment transformation.
  • ExcelExample: A sample project for SpecFlow+ Excel demonstrating how to write Gherkin specifications and define example tables in Excel
  • FilterExample: A sample project demonstrating how to use filters to only run a subset of tests
  • Getting_Started: A very simple project based on the Getting Started guide. Includes a single SpecFlow+ Runner test and a very basic calculator application that is tested.
  • Getting_Started_Excel: Similar to the Getting Started for SpecFlow+ Runner, this project includes a basic calculator using features defined in Excel. Refer to the Getting Started with SpecFlow+ Excel guide for more information on getting started with SpecFlow+ Excel.
  • Getting_Started_MSBuild: Based on the Getting Started sample for SpecFlow+ Runner and uses MSBuild code-behind file generation
  • MultipleReports: A sample project showing how to configure SpecFlow+ Runner to output multiple reports using custom templates.
  • TestThreadIsolation: A sample project showing the effects of different test thread isolation configurations for multithreaded testing
  • SeleniumGridWebTest: A sample project using Selenium Grid Web with SpecFlow+ Runner
  • SeleniumWebTest: A sample project using Selenium Web with SpecFlow+ Runner. In addition, this project also demonstrates how to include screnshots in your HTML report.
  • WindowsAppDriver: A sample project using WindowsAppDriver with SpecFlow+ Runner.
  • Archive: Older projects for archive purposes