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WindowsAppDriver update CustomDeploymentSteps Jul 3, 2018


Custom Deployment Steps Example

This Example demonstrates the usage of Custom Deployment Steps for setting up the testing environment. The testing part is based on the Windows App Driver Example and utilizes Custom Deployment Steps to start/stop the Windows App Driver.


In order for this project to work WinAppDriver must be installed on the system and the path to WinAppDriver.exe must bepassed as an argument to the Custom Deployment step in Default.srprofile.

Related Documentation

Documentation for (Custom) Deployment Steps can be found here

Additional Notes

Because this project is designed to work on all language versions of Windows, the Assert statements use String.Contains() to test the result. This is to ensure that the tests will pass irrespective of the language used by the Windows calculator, as the strings tested by the Assert also contain words in this language.

The flipside of this is that the tests will pass under certain circumstances, even if the result is incorrect (e.g. a result of "120000" will be treated the same as a result of "120" for the first test (50+70=120), i.e. results both will make the test pass).