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1.9.0 beta - ???
New Features:
+ Added SpecFlow.xUnit NuGet package
+ Guids can now be used as arguments to step definitions.
+ Any missing characters on a guid in tables or step arguments will be filled with trailing zeroes. ("7" => 70000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000)
+ Better comparison exceptions when comparing tables to sets.
+ Using standard Gherkin parser ( v2.6.5
+ VS2010: Comment and uncomment selection
+ VS2010: Cache analysis result for faster solution startup
+ VS2010: It can now be installed on machines used for SharePoint development
+ Detect step regular expression from method name (underscore style, pascal-case style, F# regex method names)
+ SpecFlow.NUnit NuGet package has been split to SpecFlow.NUnit (w/o AddOn for NUnit runner) and SpecFlow.NUnit.Runners (with runner support)
+ ReSharper: editor features (toggle comment, go to step definition, run/debug scenarios) can be used with R# keyboard shortcuts
+ MsTest: Support for MSTest's [Owner] and [WorkItem] attributes with tags like @owner:foo @workitem:123 (Issue 162, Pull 161)
+ NuGet package for creating custom generator extensions: SpecFlow.CustomGenerator
+ VS2010: Integration can track files changed outside of VS (e.g. updated by a SCC pull)
+ VS2010: Collect bindings from assembly references
+ VS2010: Navigation from step definitions to the matching steps (Issue 192)
+ VS2010: Context-dependent navigation (go to step definition / go to steps) with Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S
+ VS2010: Generate missing step definitions from a feature file
+ Support custom step definition skeleton templates (dirrerent style customizable in config, template can be overriden in
"C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\SpecFlow\SkeletonTemplates.sftemplate", see (Issue 137, Pull 113)
+ VS2010: Highlight unbound steps and step parameters in the editor (beta, can be switched off in Tools/Options/SpecFlow) (Issue 49, Pull 189, with support of matgiro)
Fixed issues:
+ VS2010: The message "Step bindings are still being analyzed. Please wait." displayed infinitely (Issue 168)
+ SharePoint: throws errors when creating a test class based on the .feature file generated in SharePoint progress because the content of the file is xml. (Issue 151, Pull 170)
+ VS2010: Formatting table fails if table row does not end with a pipe (Issue 146)
+ Support for missing feature/GenerationTargetLanguage (Issue 163)
+ RuntimePluginLoader: IsAssignableFrom is backwards (Issue 164)
+ VS2010: Specflow options show up as "General" in VS Import/Export settings (Issue 184)
+ Dispose IDisposable user objects created by SpecFlow (Issue 22)
1.8.1 - 2011/10/25
Fixed issues:
+ ReSharper: NUnit scenario outline without tag on example set (rowtest enabled) causes inconclusive result (Issue 116)
+ Step definition with more than 10 parameters causing BindingException (extended now to 20)
+ Run & debug scenarios from the feature file context menu does not work with ReSharper 6 (Issue 138)
+ VS2010 step autocomplete: New steps form external project are not found unless IDE is restarted (Issue 88, by Stanislaw Wozniak)
+ VS2010 step autocomplete: Duplicated steps
1.8.0 - 2011/10/17
Breaking changes:
+ Classes used for context injection must have a single public constructor with maximum parameter count (so far the first constructor was used).
+ After step hook is was not invoked when step definition failed so far. Now it is invoked even in case of a failure.
New features:
+ Async testing support for Windows Phone 7 (Issue 132, by Jeff Simons)
+ Support for MbUnit v3. Use unit test provider name "mbunit.3". (Issue 133, by Raytheon)
+ SpecFlow framework classes can be used as a dependency for context injection.
+ Custom extensions for the runtime can be specified in the config file (specflow/runtime/dependencies).
+ Better customization possibilities with plugins.
+ [StepScope] attribute can also scope hooks (event bindings) (Issue 95)
+ [StepScope] has been renamed to [Scope]. [StepScope] is kept with obsolete warning.
+ VS2010: Run & debug scenarios from the feature file context menu and solution explorer nodes (feature file, folder, project).
+ VS2010: Use infix word prefix matching for step completion.
+ VS2010: Regenerate feature files from project context menu.
+ VS2010: Go to step definition command in feature file context menu.
+ MsBuild generator can output generated file paths (GeneratedFiles property). The file list is populated to the MsBuild item
@(SpecFlowGeneratedFiles) by the TechTalk.SpecFlow.targets.
+ MsBuild: TechTalk.SpecFlow.targets provides overrideable BeforeUpdateFeatureFilesInProject and AfterUpdateFeatureFilesInProject targets.
+ Cucumber harmonization
+ Allow using [Before]/[After] attributes as synonyms of [BeforeScenario]/[AfterScenario]
+ Allow using [StepDefinition] attribute that matches to given, when or then steps
+ Leading '@' sign can be specified for hooks and [Scope] attribute
Fixed issues:
+ Instances created for context injection are disposed after scenario execution (Issue 22)
+ Error when opening feature file in VS2008 if VS2008 syntax coloring was enabled.
+ Silverlight: make possible to access SilverlightTest instance (Issue 126, by Matt Ellis)
+ Silverlight: apply feature tags to the test class instead of the methods (Issue 126, by Matt Ellis)
+ SpecFlowContext.TryGetValue does not evaluate Func<T> factory methods (Issue 127, by Matt Ellis)
+ StepArgumentTransformation cannot be used recursively
+ VS2010 locks generator folder
+ After step hook is not invoked when step definition failed.
+ Missing XML comment warnings caused by the generated test class (Issue 121)
+ VS2010: Goto step definition misdiagnoses Given-But as a Then-But (Issue 134, by Raytheon)
+ VS2010: 'Go To Definition' does not work with partial classes. (Issue 53, by Raytheon)
+ AfterTestRun-Hook does not trigger when running in NUnitGui or NUnitConsole. To fix this, you need to add the NUnit addin from to the project, or use
the SpecFlow.NUnit combined NuGet package that does this automatically.
1.7.1 - 2011/08/19
Fixed issues:
+ Test execution report displays the feature description instead of the title (Issue 118)
+ Incomprehensible error message when Scenario-description is empty (Issue 117)
+ Assist helpers do not support Singles (Issue 114, by Joe Parkin)
+ Assist helpers do not support unsigned integers (Issue 115, by mdellanoce)
+ The test class is not generated as UTF-8, so some accented characters might be displayed incorrectly. (Issue 112)
+ Fix step definition report broken by v1.7. (Issue 111, by Chris Roff)
+ Intellisense breaks when typing keyword 'E' (And in pt-BR) followed by a space (Issue 109)
+ Intellisense completition removes the non-first words of keywords (e.g. for "Gegeben sei") (Issue 65)
+ Support table delimiter escaping for table formatting (Issue 99)
+ Fixed enum property name match (Issue 119)
+ Added Assist support for byte, float, long, ulong, sbyte, ushort, single. With nullables. (Issue 120)
1.7.0 - 2011/07/29
Breaking changes:
+ There are a few breaking changes in the generated test code. If you upgrade to SpecFlow 1.7, you should either
re-generate the tests, or setup your project to use a version for generating the tests that is compatible with
the runtime you use (see "Using SpecFlow generator from the project's lib folder" feature).
New features:
+ Using standard Gherkin parser ( v2.3.6
+ Using SpecFlow generator from the project's lib folder instead of SpecFlow installed for IDE integration.
The VS2010 integration can be installed independently from projects using a different version. The VS2010
integration checks the generator in the following paths:
1. generator path configured in app.config (<generator path="..\lib\SpecFlow"/>)
2. generator assembly (TechTalk.SpecFlow.Generator.dll) referenced from the SpecFlow project
3. generator in the same folder as the runtime (TechTalk.SpecFlow.dll)
4. generator is near to the runtime ("tools" or "..\tools", relative to the runtime)
5. generator obtained through NuGet ("..\..\tools", relative to the runtime)
If SpecFlow cannot find the generator or it is older than v1.6.0, the installed SpecFlow generator is used.
If you use any custom plugins (e.g. unit test generator), this has to be in the same folder as the generator
+ Added ToProjection<T>, ToProjectionOfSet<T>, ToProjectionOfInstance<T> to allow for LINQ-based comparisons. (by Vagif Abilov)
+ Cleaned-up CreateInstance<T> and CreateSet<T> for greater code maintainability.
+ Cleaned-up CompareToInstance<T> and CompareToSet<T> for greater code maintainability, and slightly more accurate value comparisons (like decimals with trailing zeroes).
+ Removed the |Field|Value| requirement for CreateInstance<T> and CompareToInstance<T>. Any header names can be used, so long as the first column is the name of the property and the second column is the value.
+ Can use empty spaces and different casing in the tables used for comparison (i.e. can use |First name| instead of |FirstName| )
+ Tables used with CreateInstance<T> and CompareToInstance<T> can now be one-row tables with each field as a column (instead of requiring a vertical table with "Field/Value" headers)
+ A default function to create a default instance can be passed to CreateInstance<T> and CreateSet<T>.
+ Syntax coloring support for Visual Studio 2008. Uncheck this option in the installer if you are using cuke4vs. (by Avram Korets)
+ SharpDevelop 4 (#develop) integration. Enable SharpDevelop 4 integration in the installer and use the SharpDevelop AddIn Manager
to install the integration (select addin file from SpecFlow installation folder). (by Charles Weld)
+ Support for testing Silverlight asynchronous code. (by Matt Ellis & Ryan Burnham)
See for details.
+ TableRow implements IDictionary<string, string>
+ Add table row from a (total or partially filled) dictionary
+ Raname table column (Table.RenameColumn(stirng, string))
Fixed issues:
+ Installer executes devenv /installtemplates even if VS2008 integration is not selected.
+ Duplicated logic between generator and runtime (generator depends on runtime now)
+ MsTest tests are not properly attached to the right feature (Issue 96)
+ Assist methods now work with classes with multiple properties of the same enum type.
+ Refactor IUnitTestGeneratorProvider interface to be more consistent (Issue 4)
1.6.1 - 2011/04/15
Fixed issues:
+ Windows Phone 7 runtime (TechTalk.SpecFlow.WindowsPhone7.dll) is not included in the NuGet package (Issue 61)
+ Warnings in the generated test classes (Issue 58)
+ Improved tracing for VS2010 integration
1.6.0 - 2011/04/04
Breaking changes:
+ The Silverlight runtime assembly has been renamed to TechTalk.SpecFlow.Silverlight3.dll.
New features:
+ Added a Set<T>(Func<T>) extension method. The Func<T> method will be invoked whenever ScenarioContext.Current.Get<T> is called.
+ Support for tagging (including @ignore) scenario outline examples.
NUnit and MbUnit: to filter for categories generated for the examples in the unit test runner, you need to
switch off row test generaiton (<generator allowRowTests="false" />)
+ Using standard Gherkin parser ( v2.3.5
+ Support for converting table and multi-line text arguments with [StepArgumentTransformation] (by Chris Roff, roffster)
See examples in Tests/FeatureTests/StepArgumentTransfomation
+ VS2010: Support for specifying color for the step text
+ Added a FillInstance<T>(T) extension method off of Table. When passed an instance of T, it will fill the instance with values from the table (like CreateInstance<T>).
+ VS2010: Re-generate feature file when the configuration has changed or a new version of SpecFlow is installed
+ VS2010: Improved intellisense for steps
+ VS2010: Intellisense for keywords
+ VS2010: "go to binding"
+ VS2010: Automatic table formatting when "|" is typed
+ VS2010: Tracing can be configured from tools / options. The environment variable SPECFLOW_TRACE is not used anymore.
+ Windows Phone 7 support, see (by Max Paulousky)
+ Silverlight runtime can be configured from query string (by Matt Ellis)
+ Generate test parameters from scenario outline parameters and example set name for MsTest (by Qingsong Yao)
+ Isolated test generator interface (can be used later for using the generator of the project instead of the generator of the IDE integration)
+ Official NuGet integration (by Daniel Sack)
Fixed issues:
+ Scenario with only "*" steps fails with "System.ArgumentException: Unable to convert block to binding type"
+ Binding is reported as invalid if there is a matching step definition with different scope
+ Support for datetime comparisons that ignore 12:00:00 AM (issue 52)
+ Fix NUnit execution report to properly select features when .features is solely comprised Scenario Outlines.
(by Jon Archer)
+ Tags applied at the feature level are now applied as Silverlight TagAttributes on the class. (by Matt Ellis, citizenmatt)
+ Rethrowing exceptions caught during steps would lose the call stack on Silverlight. (by Matt Ellis, citizenmatt)
+ SpecFlow emits an erroneous suggestion for the step bindings in VB.NET (Issue 32)
+ Refactored VS2010 intagration to better maintanability
+ Refactored CreateSet<T> and CompareToSet<T> extension methods to use the same logic as CreateInstance<T> and CompareToInstance<T>.
+ Step Intellisense doesn't show in Feature Background (Issue 23)
+ Xunit Theory Attribute/InlineAttribute using incorrect namespace. (Issue 40, by Kerry Jones)
+ Scenario Outline - Multiple Scenarios table header row VS formatting issue (Issue 16)
+ SpecFlow step definition report generator throws unhandled exception when a scenario starts with "And" (Issue 45)
+ VS2010: SpecFlow writes out feature and code-behind files with inconsistent line endings (Issue 28)
+ Step definitions can be implemented in abstract base classes (but the abstract base class must not have the [Binding] attribute). SpecFlow no longer tries to instantiate the abstract base class. (Issue 47)
1.5.0 - 2010/12/17
Breaking changes:
+ Changing the default value (true) of the allowRowTests configuration setting is not incompatible with older
New features:
+ Step Intellisense for Visual Studio 2010 - displays the list of bound steps when pressing space or ctrl+space
after a step keyword
(Thanks to Marcus Hammarberg for the contribution.)
+ Options for Visual Studio 2010 - you can enable/disable the integration features (syntax coloring, outlining,
intellisense) in Visual Studio 2010, Tools / Options / SpecFlow / General
+ Faster installation for VS2010 - if you install SpecFlow only to VS2010, the installation is much faster
as we now entirely using the new VSIX infrastructure for the integaration.
+ Support for row test generation (NUnit, MbUnit and xUnit). This new feature is enabled by default, but can
be switched off from the configuration with <generator allowRowTests="false" />.
(Thanks to John Gietzen (otac0n) for the contribution.)
+ Support for specifying property names with blanks and case insensitive for SpecFlow.Assist (by Steven Zhang, jdomzhang)
Fixed issues:
+ Scoped Steps does not recognize feature tags (Issue 12)
+ Support for double and nullable types in table-helpers of SpecFlow.Assist
+ Support for enum parsing in table-helpers of SpecFlow.Assist
+ Adding comparison helpers to SpecFlow.Assist (by darrencauthon)
+ Support for char parsing in table-helpers of SpecFlow.Assist (Issue 19)
+ VS2010 might crash after pasting into a feature file
+ Excution report should list features ordered by feature title
1.4.0 - 2010/10/07
Breaking changes:
+ The generator has been improved to provide source code language. Because of this, SpecFlow test generated
with this version will be incompatible with older runtimes.
New features:
+ Scoped Step Definitions: you can scope step definitions (bindings) to tags, features and scenarios. Scope filter
can be applied to a class or a method with the [StepScope] attribute.
See examples in Tests/FeatureTests/ScopedSteps/ScopedSteps.feature and Tests/FeatureTests/ScopedSteps/ScopedStepsBindings.cs
(Thanks to Jose Simas for the contribution.)
+ Adding binding-culture to App.config. If set, this culture is used during execution of steps.
+ VB-Step-Definition Skeleton Provider: For VB-projects, the suggested step skeletons are generated in VB.
+ Merging strongly typed context accessors from Darren Cauthon's SpecFlowAssist
+ Merging table/row extension methods from Darren Cauthon's SpecFlowAssist
Add a using statement for the namespace TechTalk.SpecFlow.Assist to use the extension methods.
See also Darren's youtube tutorial:
+ Diagnostic tracing: VS2010 integration can display trace messages to the Output window
if tracing is enabled. Tracing can be enabled by setting the environment variable SPECFLOW_TRACE
to either "all" or to the comma separated list of individual SpecFlow traing categories (currently
only the category "EditorParser" is supported).
Fixed issues:
+ Better error reporting for wrong Gherkin files (multiple errors displayed, detect duplicate scenario names)
+ Visual Studio 2010 editor slows down after editing a feature file for a longer time (Issue 9) - 2010/08/11
Fixed issues:
+ Sorry, we're ironing out our deploy strategy with the new Mono/MonoDevelop integration. We didn't
change the version in the MonoDevelop Add-In XML file. - 2010/08/11
New features:
+ Support for hosting add-in on
1.3.5 - 2010/08/11
New features:
+ Support for Mono (v2.6.7) & MonoDevelop (v2.4) by Dale Ragan
Fixed issues:
+ Generating code randomly for the wrong testing engine
+ Test class generation problem for Russian feature files
+ Fix tag support for Silverlight
1.3.4 - 2010/07/28
Fixed issues:
+ Installation fails if Visual Studio 2010 is not installed
+ VS2010: Background section is not colored properly
1.3.3 - 2010/07/19
New features:
+ Support for MsTest report generation
usage: specflow mstestexecutionreport projectFile [/testResult:value] [/xsltFile:value] [/out:value]
projectFile Visual Studio Project File containing specs
[/testResult:value] Test Result file generated by MsTest. Defaults to TestResult.trx
[/out:value] Generated Output File. Defaults to TestResult.html
[/xsltFile:value] Xslt file to use, defaults to built-in stylesheet if not provided
+ Visual Studio 2010 editor support:
- syntax coloring with configurable colors ("Gherkin ...")
- outlining for scenarios
Uninstall the beta integration (TechTalk.SpecFlow.VsIntegration.GherkinFile.vsix) before installing
SpecFlow 1.3.3.
Fixed issues:
+ MbUnit execution fails for pending steps (Assert method not found: Inconclusive)
1.3.2 - 2010/06/29
New features:
+ Support for MsTest for .NET 4.0 categories. Configure the test provider name to
"MsTest.2010" in order to use the [TestCategory] attribute.
+ Silverlight support (beta), see
Fixed issues:
+ Report generation fails if no custom XSLT is provided
1.3.1 - 2010/06/21
New features:
+ Using standard Gherkin parser ( v2.0.1
+ Custom XSLT can be specified for generating reports.
See examples in Tests/ReportingTests/CustomXsltTemplate.feature
+ The test error can be accessed through ScenarioContext.Current.TestError
(e.g. in an AfterScenario event).
+ [StepTransformation] attribute has been renamed to [StepArgumentTransformation]
because this name describe the intention better. Using the old attribute will
generate a warning.
+ Support for MbUnit
Fixed issues:
+ NullReference exception when using BeforeTestRun event (Issue 41)
1.3.0 - 2010/05/05
New features:
+ Using standard Gherkin parser ( v1.0.24
+ Context injection in step definitions. Step definitions can get a context injected with
constructor injection. (Issue 30)
See examples in Tests/FeatureTests/ContextInjection
+ Using steps in other assemblies. This enables writing steps in VB. (Issue 19)
See examples in Tests/FeatureTests/ExternalSteps
+ Steps can be invoked from other steps using step text. See examples in
+ Custom step parameter converters can be defined as a binding.
See examples in Tests/FeatureTests/StepArgumentTransfomation
+ SpecFlow feature files can be added also to VB.NET projects
+ Support for xUnit
+ Single installer for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 (Issue 6, 10, 11)
+ Place GeneratedCodeAttribute and 'Designer generated code' region on generated code to
avoid having this code parsed by code analysis. (Issue 33)
+ Configuration option to disable all output. (Issue 29)
Use the following config to disable output:
<trace listener="TechTalk.SpecFlow.Tracing.NullListener, TechTalk.SpecFlow" />
Fixed issues:
+ SpecFlow Reporting doesn't work with Firefox (Issue 31)
+ Binding methods are executed using the culture of the feature file.
+ Several parsing issues are solved now (Issue 1, 8, 9, 37)
1.2.0 - 2009/11/25
New features:
+ Generate #line pragmas to the output file (Issue 26)
+ Allow transformation of feature files from command-line and MsBuild (Issue 3)
+ Merge all command-line tool (generation, reports) to a single executable: specflow.exe
+ Support for Dutch and Swedish language
+ Support enumerations in step binding arguments (Issue 28)
Fixed issues:
+ MsTest does not refresh tests automatically (Issue 25)
+ Fixes in report localization
+ Non-string parameters for bindings are not converted using the feature language (Issue 26)
1.1.0 - 2009/11/11
New features:
+ Support for MsTest (Issue 4)
+ Finalize configuration (Issue 13)
+ Support German, French and Hungarian languages (Issue 5)
+ Add strong-name for specflow assemblies (Issue 2)
+ Allow scenario events to be instance methods (Issue 20)
+ More descriptive name for the scenario outline example tests than XYZ_Variant1 (Issue 18)
+ NUnit SpecFlow test execution report (Issue 23)
+ Step definition usage report (Issue 24)
Fixed issues:
+ Runtime: Remove direct dependency on nunit.framework.dll from the runtime (Issue 12)
+ Runtime: Binding methods with more than 4 parameters cannot be used (Issue 21)
+ Generator: Special language characters (e.g. accented letters) are removed when generating
test method names (Issue 22)
1.0.2 - 2009/10/20
New features:
+ Runtime: allow non-static bindings
+ Runtime: support multiple step attributes on a single binding method
Fixed issues:
+ VS: Error message is displayed when you add a SpecFlow project item to your project.
+ Parser: mixed order of Given/When/Then is not supported
+ Runtime: the original phrasing of the keywords (Given/And/But) is not preserved
+ Generator: the generated test class has a "Fixture" suffix
+ Parser: specifying any "given" should be optional
1.0.1 - 2009/10/13
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