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Assist Issue 193: Adding a new value retriever for DateTimeOffsets
Async preserve keywords in trace
BindingSkeletons skeleton generator fixes
Bindings Merge pull request #287 from robfe/master
Configuration remove IRuntimeConfigurationDefaultsProvider
ErrorHandling preparation for standardizing step definition match service
Infrastructure fix: scope errors were not discovered
PlatformCompatibility refactoring to use common infrastructure in runtime
PlatformSpecific VS2010: SpecFlow incorrectly detected changes in the configuration (I…
Properties Eliminate VersionInfo for updating assembly version easier on build s…
Tracing allow configure skeleton style
UnitTestProvider add MbUnit v3 support to changelog, small consolidations
Attributes.cs refactoring to use common infrastructure in runtime
CultureInfoScope.cs Binding methods are executed using the culture of the feature file.
DictionaryHelpers.cs fix line endings?
FeatureContext.cs reslove ScenarioContext, FeatureContext dependency
FeatureInfo.cs infrastructure for step error handlers
ITestRunner.cs preserve keywords in trace
ProgrammingLanguage.cs refactored skeleton generation
ScenarioBlock.cs fix binding sharing in VS2010
ScenarioContext.cs code cleanup
ScenarioInfo.cs Leading '@' sign can be specified for hooks and [Scope] attribute
SpecFlowContext.cs Update Runtime/SpecFlowContext.cs
Steps.cs preserve keywords in trace
Table.cs Line endings in Table.cs
TechTalk.SpecFlow.csproj Issue 193: Adding a new value retriever for DateTimeOffsets
TestRunner.cs preserve keywords in trace
TestRunnerManager.cs separate TestRunner from TestExecutionEngine
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