Unit test providers

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Editor note: We recommend reading this documentation entry at http://www.specflow.org/documentation/Unit-test-providers. We use the GitHub wiki for authoring the documentation pages.

SpecFlow supports several unit test framework you can use to execute your tests. In addition to using the built-in unit test providers, you can also create a custom provider. Use the <unitTestProvider> configuration element in your app.config file to specify which unit test provider you want to use.

The following table contains the built-in unit test providers.

Name Supports Description
row tests categories inconclusive
SpecFlow+ Runner (fka SpecRun) + + + SpecFlow+ Runner is a dedicated test execution framework for SpecFlow. Install it with the SpecRun.SpecFlow NuGet package. See SpecRun Integration for details.
NUnit + + + See http://www.nunit.org. Specialized NuGet packages available for easy setup: SpecFlow.NUnit, SpecFlow.NUnit.Runners. Supports parallel execution with NUnit v3.
MsTest.2008 - - + MsTest provider for .NET 3.5
- + + MsTest provider for .NET 4.0. Supports test categories. Specialized NuGet package available for easy setup: SpecFlow.MsTest.
xUnit + - - See http://www.xunit.net. Specialized NuGet package available for easy setup: SpecFlow.xUnit. Supports parallel execution with xUnit v2.
mbUnit + + + MbUnit provider. See http://www.mbunit.com.
mbUnit.3 + + + MbUnit Version 3 provider. See http://www.mbunit.com.
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