Acceptance Criteria

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You can view and define acceptance criteria for requirements on the requirements details screen.

To open the requirement details, either:

  • Double-click on a requirement on a workspace
  • Click on Details on the requirement card on a workspace

Acceptance criteria

Acceptance criteria consist of a title and a body. The body supports rich text formatting, including URL hyperlinks that are opened in your default web browser.

Hover your mouse cursor over a title to see when the criterion was last updated:

Acceptance criterion last-updated timestamp

Adding acceptance criteria

Press Ctrl+N or click on ADD CRITERION to add a new acceptance criterion:

Acceptance criteria displayed in requirement details

Viewing acceptance criteria

Select EXPAND ALL or COLLAPSE ALL to view or hide the body of all acceptance criteria. You can also expand acceptance criteria individually using the "+" and "-" icon next to the title.

To change the size of the font used by acceptance criteria, click on the corresponding icon in the header: Acceptance criteria resize icon

Click on Acceptance criteria resize icon above the requirement card to hide the left side of the screen and display the acceptance criteria in full screen mode.

Changing the order of acceptance criteria

To rearrange the order of acceptance criteria, drag-and-drop them with the mouse using the gray border on the left side of each acceptance criterion.

Adding attachments

Click on the small triangle to the right of a criterion and select Attach file to add attachments to acceptance criteria. You can also paste the contents of your clipboard (Ctrl+V) to the body text.

Note: By default, only image files are listed when searching for a file to attach. Change the filter to All files(*.*) in the Open dialog to add other file types as an attachment.

Filtering acceptance criteria

Enter a search term in the search field (shortcut: Ctrl+F) in the header to filter acceptance criteria. Any acceptance criteria not meeting your search term are hidden. Acceptance criteria where the body text contains the search term are expanded.

Acceptance criteria with filter applied

Hyperlinking to other requirements

You can add links to other requirements in the acceptance criterion's body by entering the target requirement's ID e.g. "US1" or "CCC1". Requirement IDs are case-sensitive and recognised automatically when entered. You can also add links using or with Ctrl-K, in which case you can enter a label for the link as well as the target. The target can be either a requirement ID or URL.

Hover over a hyperlink to view its details: Hovering on the hyperlink shows linked requirement details

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