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New in Version 1.19

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Version 1.19.6 released on 12th January 2017
Version 1.19.4 released on 1st December 2016
Version 1.19.2 released on 10th October 2016

New features


  • The .config files included in the installer no longer overwrite existing files when upgrading from 1.18 or higher. The existing files are retained and the default configuration files in the installer are copied with the .sample extension instead.

Bug fixes

  • Synchronisation no longer hangs if a SpecLog requirements and matching TFS work item are both deleted manually within a short space of time.
  • Template changes are no longer ignored until the TFS V3 synchronisation plugin is restarted.
  • Removing a previously tracked work item in TFS from an untracked area no longer deletes the requirement in SpecLog.
  • Fixed synchronisation error caused by multiple card types being mapped to the same work item type. Ambiguous mappings are no longer permitted when adding requirements in SpecLog.
  • Fixed possible conflict caused by updating TFS Link IDs
  • removesyncstate option no longer takes hours to complete if the repository contains a large number (10s of thousands) of synchronisation actions
  • Word template path is now remembered correctly
  • Fixed retry issue when creating a work item with impersonation enabled
  • Fixed "em" HTML tags appearing when synchronising work items with TFS with the V2 plugin
  • Fixed InvalidOperationException bug when clicking on a TFS link

Upgrading the Server and Client

Note: When upgrading from version 1.18, your configuration files are no longer overwritten (see above).

The database has not been changed in 1.19, and you do not need to upgrade both the server and client at once. Refer to the section on upgrading SpecLog for further details on how to upgrade.

Upgrading from older releases than v1.18

Please review all release notes from previous releases!

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