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New in Version 1.20

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Version 1.20.2 released on 27th February 2017
Version 1.20.5 released on 20th March 2017
Version 1.20.8 released on 14th April 2017
Version 1.20.12 release on 14th September 2017

New features

  • New TFS Version Control plugin: Synchronise Gherkin files with TFS Version Control. This new plugin restores the TFS Version Control function that was available with V2 of the TFS synchronisation plugin and removed in V3. Note that unlike V2, the V3 TFS synchronisation plugin and TFS Version Control plugin are separate plugins and can also be used independently.
  • cleanupsyncerrors console option which can be used to resynchronise items that caused errors and thus stopped synching


  • Open JIRA issues from within SpecLog: Requirement cards display a link icon if the requirement is linked to a JIRA issue. Click on the link icon to open the issue in JIRA.
  • Word export: You can now export acceptance criteria as plain text to remove all text formatting in the resulting Word file. List formatting is retained, but text formatting (bold, font colour etc.) is ignored when exporting.
  • V3 TFS Synchronisation plugin: Gherkin file links in SpecLog are added to TFS work items if present.
  • V3 TFS Synchronisation plugin: Performance improvements
  • HTML export:
    • Added scroll bars for wide tables to allow the full table to be viewed
    • Preview check box moved to the first column instead of the last one
  • Several small UX improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused JIRA synchronisation to fail if user story tags contained spaces.
  • Fixed an issue with JIRA work items not synchronising with V2 of the sync plugin after upgrading SpecLog
  • HTML export: Example previews now displayed correctly in tables
  • Fixed an issue preventing synchronisation with VSTS
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