New in version 1.13

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Version 1.13.105, released on 10th of September 2014
Version 1.13.104, released on 24th of August 2014
Version 1.13.82, released on 4th of July 2014

New features:

  • New TFS synchronization plugin
  • Bi-directional TFS synchronization
  • Undo
  • Read-only access for repositories
  • Publish repository as HTML on a (protected) server Url
  • Search for requirements that have specific properties defined
  • New advanced requirement search options
  • Option to prevent regular users from publishing new repositories on the server (raised repository security)
  • Configure maximum allowed attachment size
  • New Word export template for printing story cards
  • Tool for troubleshooting TFS connection problems

Bug fixes and small improvements

  • Unsynchronised changes are not lost when upgrading a client to a newer SpecLog release
  • Formatting of acceptance criteria is now retained in Word export
  • Improved performance when cloning repositories
  • Progress indicator when cloning repositories
  • Ctrl+Space now displays all available tags
  • Change Requirement Type command is now also available in detail view
  • ServerManager.exe upgrade now displays an error message if the license key is missing or not valid for the new version, and SpecLog is not upgraded
  • The SpecLog client no longer upgrades repository files if the license is not valid for the new version
  • The splash screen is no longer displayed on top of other windows while starting the SpecLog client
  • Improved error message if a repository file cannot be created (e.g. trying to save to a read-only location)
  • Improved error message when attempting to re-publish the same repository on the same server
  • Synchronisation plugin automatically recovers from consistency errors with work item tracking system (TFS, JIRA)
  • Image attachments are saved as jpeg instead of bmp
  • Warning/resize of image attachments wider than 1920px
  • Allow parentheses in requirement ID
  • Link to help from main menu
  • Simplified installer options (no sub-options for client/server installer components)
  • Fixed: default requirement IDs diverged after duplicating a requirement, causing requirement IDs to be suffixed with (2)
  • Fixed: memory leak on client
  • Fixed: occasional exception on client: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
  • Fixed: occasional exception on client: Add value to collection of type 'System.Windows.Interactivity.BehaviorCollection' threw an exception (related to Colligo installations on the client)
  • Fixed: removing formatting in acceptance criteria did not remove all text formatting
  • Fixed: occasional synchronisation errors (Could not perform synchronisation step 'UpdateChangesStep': System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified after the enumerator was instantiated.)
  • Fixed: rare "database locked" exceptions on client and server
  • Fixed: thread safety issue in RestSharp library caused JIRA synchronization error (TechTalk.JiraRestClient.JiraClientException: Transport level error: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.)
  • Fixed: Labels disappear in SpecLog when requirement has been closed in JIRA
  • Fixed: Change requirement type should also be available in requirement detail view
  • Fixed: Exception when unable to write to a new repository file
  • Fixed: Opening wrong user story when scrolling down a long requirement list and clicking on user story ID.
  • Fixed: exception when pasting text from clipboard
  • Fixed: requirement details view not updated properly after synchronising updates from server (UI refresh problem)
  • Fixed: acceptance criterion shows old value after receiving update from server (UI refresh problem)

Upgrading server and client This release requires the server database schema to be upgraded. Please refer to the upgrading the server section for further details.
Please note that you need to upgrade both the server and client; version 1.11 clients CANNOT connect to version 1.10 servers and vice versa.

Upgrading from older releases than v1.11:
Please review all release notes from previous releases!

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