New in version 1.14

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Version 1.14.1, released on 20th of February 2015

New features:

  • Display warning when modifying a read-only repository
  • Improvements in robustness and usability of the TFS synchronization plugin (SpecLog.TFSPlugin.V2), including the ability to create SpecLog requirements from work items originally created in TFS

Bugfixes and small improvements

  • Improved stability of the client
  • Improved UI for plugin configuration dialog
  • Improvements in in-app search
  • Acceptance criteria text becomes horizontally scrollable after pasting tables with wide columns
  • XPS export improvement: display requirement relations on the exported XPS
  • Word export improvement: allow empty paragraphs in templates using a special markup (see the built-in templates as an example)
  • Improved logging in server-side plugins: include repository name in log messages
  • Improvements in the error handling of authentication tokens (refined error messages instead of "Client authentication token is not registered or user is out of acceptable range.")
  • Gherkin file linking plugin now supports paths with quotes around - now you can use the "Copy path" command in Windows Explorer and paste the result right into SpecLog
  • Display repository name on "Server plugin configuration" and "Repository access management" dialogs
  • Display improved warnings and error messages when there is an error in attaching files to an acceptance criterion
  • Create repository dialog: the default button is "Save" after selecting a repository
  • Acceptance criteria text boxes now prevent users to paste images as OLE objects
  • Prevent crashes when an ill-formatted hyperlink is recognized in the body of an acceptance criterion (e.g. US50:5)
  • Prevent copying & pasting requirements between multiple SpecLog clients
  • Fixed a bug regarding opening multiple requirements with Ctrl+Enter
  • Fix pick list mouse selection bug (actors and tags)
  • Fix InvalidLicenseExceptions when multiple tokens are installed
  • Fixed null reference exceptions when using mouse sharing between multiple devices
  • HTML export fix: fix "script too large" errors of certain versions of Firefox/IE11
  • Installer does not display SmartScreen filter anymore

Upgrading server and client This release is compatible with the previous 1.13 version and does not require the server database schema to be upgraded. Version 1.14 clients can connect to version 1.13 servers and vice-versa.

Upgrading from older releases than v1.13:
Please review all release notes from previous releases!