New in version 1.16

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Version 1.16.6, released on 13th of July 2015
Version 1.16.8, released on 8th of September 2015
Version 1.16.21, released on 29th of September 2015

##New features

  • SpecLog (both server and client) now run on .NET 4.5 (.NET 4.5 is required)
  • Support for changes to the SpecLog server database schema without upgrading the SpecLog clients
  • Synchronize tags between SpecLog and JIRA (bi-directional)
  • Synchronize tags between SpecLog and TFS (bi-directional)
  • Synchronize attachments between SpecLog and JIRA (only from SpecLog to Jira)
  • New tools for testing your connection with JIRA and TFS

##Bugfixes and small improvements

  • Improved general stability of the client
  • Improved stability of the Gherkin statistics plugin
  • Fixed: "Save as Gherkin" file dialog only suggests a file name (based on the requirement's header) for the first Gherkin file generated, but not for subsequent Gherkin files
  • Fixed: Wheel of death (busy mouse pointer) is displayed after creating a new repository in evaluation mode
  • Fixed: Remove formatting doesn't remove bulleted lists from AC body fields
  • Fixed: Remove formatting for AC body does not set the font to the correct default font
  • Fixed: Fixed the broken "Learn more" link for the SpecLog.ServerGherkinStats plugin
  • Fixed: Exception when opening a repository containing an open, nameless workspace
  • Improvement: Increased the clickable area of the Estimate field on requirement cards

##Upgrading the server and client

SpecLog now requires .NET 4.5

This release requires the server database schema to be upgraded. Please refer to the section on upgrading the server for further details. However there is no need to upgrade the clients, as only the server's database schema has been changed.

##Upgrading from older releases than v1.15 Please review all release notes from previous releases!

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