New in Version 1.17

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Version 1.17.5 released on 6th of November 2015
Version 1.17.6 released on 20th of November 2015
Version 1.17.15 released on 11th of February 2016
Version 1.17.19 released on 29th February 2016
Version 1.17.21 released on 17th March 2016
Version 1.17.26 released on 6th May 2016

##New features

  • Merge repositories by importing one repository into another
  • Improved logging of merge conflicts and failed commands
  • Configure maximum attachment size in SpecLog (for TFS synchronization)


  • Various performance improvements
  • Various synchronisation improvements
  • Significantly improved snapshot generation speed
  • Display associated tags when hovering mouse over a requirement card
  • Renamed menu items in acceptance criteria for clarity
  • Remember Open dialog directory between sessions (per repo)
  • Adjust grid snap to zoom level


  • Fixed various synchronisation failed errors
  • Fixed logging of JIRA error messages
  • Fixed exception when trying to delete a shared repository on the server with Gherkin scenario statistics in the database
  • Fixed Exception if the time tacking field in JIRA is not present
  • Fixed exception when creating new issues in JIRA if back synchronisation is enabled
  • Fixed null reference exception when dragging tabs
  • HTML is now navigable in Chrome
  • Fixed bug with server not logging to Windows event log
  • Fixed: CannotUpgradeException when multiple clients attempt to connect to the same repository
  • Fixed: SearchIndexError when opening large repositories
  • Fixed: TFS repeated updates of the same changes in work items
  • Fixed: Incorrect search results due to outdated cache (renamed workspaces, rerun tests, changed requirement type etc.)
  • Fixed: Various synchronisation deadlocks
  • Fixed: Synchronisation error when copying acceptance criteria to a requirement deleted by another user
  • Fixed: Removing formatting from bulleted lists copied from Word also removes text
  • Fixed: Timeout when deleting large shared repos
  • Fixed: Parent links to unsynchronised work items are no longer deleted unless the parent is set explicitly in SpecLog
  • Fixed: Lost hyperlinks when copy/pasting from one AC to another
  • Fixed: Repeated prompt when resizing large images
  • Fixed: Number of images/attachments displayed in tooltips
  • Fixed: Word export issues due to multiple instances of the same card on a workspace

##Upgrading the Server and Client Both the client and server components have been updated in 1.17. This release requires the server database schema to be upgraded. Please refer to the section on upgrading SpecLog for further details.

##Upgrading from older releases than v1.16 Please review all release notes from previous releases!

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