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New in Version 1.18

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Version 1.18.13 released on 19th September 2016

##New features

  • Version 3 of the TFS synchronisation plugin
    IMPORTANT: Before enabling V3 of the plugin, read the section on migrating to V3, as it contains important information on upgrading your repositories. Also refer to the known limitations for information on features in earlier version of the plugin that are unsupported by V3 before upgrading.


  • When closing the detailed view of a card, the card remains selected on the workspace
  • "Gaspar Nagy" is no longer the prolific author behind all SpecLog-generated Word files

##Bug fixes

  • Duplicate IDs (e.g. "US2 (2)") are no longer assigned to new requirements
  • Copying text containing SpecLog links no longer adds XML tags to acceptance criteria
  • Acceptance criteria no longer sometimes get cluttered with FlowDocument markup
  • SpecLog now opens on the same screen as in the last session when using multiple monitors

##Upgrading the Server and Client

Both the client and server components have been updated in 1.18. However, you do not need to upgrade both the server and client at once. V 1.17 clients can connect to V 1.18 servers, and V 1.18 clients can connect to V 1.17 servers. Refer to the section on upgrading SpecLog for further details on how to upgrade.

##Upgrading from older releases than v1.17 Please review all release notes from previous releases!

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