TFS Version Control Plugin

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The TFS Version Control plugin allows you to synchronise Gherkin files with TFS Version Control.

Note: If you are using V2 of the TFS synchronisation plugin, the TFS plugin takes care of synchronising Gherkin files with TFS Version Control. If you are using git source control with TFS, use the SpecLog.GitPlugin instead.

Configuring the Plugin

To configure the Version Control plugin:

  1. Select Manage repositories form the menu.
  2. Select the Server URL and click on Connect
  3. Click on the small arrow next to the desired repository and select Configure plugins.
  4. Locate SpecLog.TfsGherkinSyncPlugin in the list. Click on the small arrow on the right and select Configure.
  5. The following screen is displayed:
  6. Activate the Enable plugin check box.
  7. Enter the TFS URL. This is the name of the TFS collection where the project is hosted (the default collection name in TFS is: https:///tfs/DefaultCollection)
  8. Click on Change next to TFS User and enter the credentials used by the plugin to connect to TFS. In most cases, you should use the same settings as defined in the TFS synchronisation plugin depending on whether you are using the on-premise version of TFS or Visual Studio Online.
  9. Enter the Polling interval in minutes. The polling interval determines the frequency with which the Gherkin files are checked for updates and synchronised.
  10. Click on Save.

Adding Gherkin Files

When adding Gherkin files to requirements, select TFS Sync Provider (TFS Gherkin Sync) from the drop-down menu.

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