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If you love Steemit you probably also love the Steemit Apps made by the Steemit users. There are a wide variety of Apps, many of which are extremely functional, fun, and visually appealing to the eyes.

"The SteemPort Project brings Steemit Apps to Android"

If you see my other posts, you will know that one of my other interests, besides Steem, are (Raspberry) Pi's and Tv-boxes. Over time I have gathered many of them. Bringing my interest in Steem and Tv Boxes together resulted in SteemPi: A Tv-box software for (Raspberry) Pi single board computers (that connects to your TV or any screen). But for the SteemPi Project you would need to have a (Raspberry) Pi single board computer, and you would need some technical skills / intrest / and time to set it up.

SteemPort is different

I started working on this project because, I not only want to have and bring the Steem Apps to your Tv with Raspberry Pi, but I also want to bring Steem Apps to Steemit users on their Android Smart TV or Android TV-Box.

"The Biggest Screen in Our House is Hungry for Steem

It deserves to be fed!"

Android TV interface with the first SteemPorted apps


Android TV doent come with a build in browser and at this moment there are no Steem related apps availible on this platform, but that will change because of the SteemPort project.


What it does

  • Port Steemit Apps to a Android TV compatible App
  • Make it compatible with Android for phones, tablets and Tv-boxes
  • Steem web, and Android Apps (APKs) are possible to port
  • Adds it to the "Games" / "Apps" section of the Android TV homescreen
  • Adds in a splashscreen (App logo, App made by, Steemit logo, SteemPort logo)
  • Adds in some support for the Android TV remote
  • Adds in a launch icon and button images for the App (Tv, Tablet, Phone)
  • Most of the Apps wont need any special permission to install on your device
  • Makes installable Apps (APK for Android TV, Tablet and Phone)
  • Make the App visible and easy to launch from the homescreen on your Android TV

Limitations / Things to work on:

  • Not all Apps are compatible
  • It does not always bring a identical user experience (Varies per App)
  • Need to test it on more devices


Supported devices

Apss can be installed on:

  • Android TV (Tested oke on Android TV 6.0.1)

Devices with Android Tv: Android Smart Tv's, the Nvidia Shield, Razer Forge, Mi Box

But also works on other Android devices like phones and tablets.

  • Android 2.3.3 ~ Latest (Tested oke on Android 7.0)


![]( Devices running Android TV

![]( Apps ported with SteemPort on a Android phone

Minimum requirements for Steemport, Android 2.3.3 (*Dependents on the Steemit App as well) (You dont need root access to install the apps that are ported with SteemPort)

(An Android (TV) App made by the creators of that Steemit App will most likely work much better when compared to the ported Steemit Apps made with SteemPort. When the creators of the Steemit apps release theire Apps for Android (TV), please download them instead. Don't forget to give them support for these apps!)


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