Custom DSC module for resolving clear text MOFs created by Azure Automation DSC
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Custom DSC module capable of finding and removing temporary MOFs created by Azure Automation DSC


Custom DSC module that can be used to search C:\Windows\Temp and remove temporary MOF files.


This module was co-developed with the Microsoft Support team to resolve a vulnerability where clear-text MOF files are leftover when using DSC with Azure Automation.

Azure Automation (as explained by the MS Support team) pulls down the MOF in clear form from Azure Automation over SSL to C:\windows\Temp<id>\localhost.mof (note: this ID is randomly generated)

Once there, Azure Automation uses the certificates in Azure to encrypt that MOF to the final destination C:\windows\system32\Configuration\Current.mof

However, during this process Azure Automation is not removing the clear text localhost.mof

This module can be leveraged in your existing DSC to cleanup these files and ensure the only copy of your DSC is the properly encrypted Current.mof

How to run

This repo contains a properly zipped module for use with Azure Automation.

Upload the zipped module to your Azure Automation account.

Add the following to your DSC configuration:

Import-DscResource -ModuleName DeleteDscTmpFile

#remove clearText MOFs from c:\windows\temp
DeleteDscTmpFile removeClearMOFs{
    ClearMOFSRemove = $true

Re-compile your configuration. Your DSC will now clean up after itself when devices pull down the new config, removing all clear text temporary MOFs which may contain sensitive information.


Author: Jake Morrison -

Contributor: Microsoft Azure Support Team


The vulnerability issue with the clear-text temporary MOFs is discussed in the following two locations if you would like additional information: