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Site Creation Doc


This is a quick reference document that shows how this site was built.



Note: This process outline is based around using Windows as the primary workstation

  1. Install hugo (many ways to do this, but the easiest is chocolatey) choco install hugo -confirm
  2. Navigate to the directory where you'll be working with your new hugo site cd C:\dev\site
  3. Create a New Site hugo new site quickstart
  4. Add your theme to the themes folder
    • Your themes documentation will likely have further install guidance on this
  5. Add some content. You can add single files with: hugo new <SECTIONNAME>\<FILENAME>.<FORMAT>
  6. Start the Hugo server hugo server -D
  7. Navigate your browser to: http://localhost:1313/
  8. Commit site to GitHub repo
  9. Build your hugo site using AWS Amplify

Useful Hugo Commands

hugo --help
hugo new site quickstart
hugo new posts/
hugo server -D
hugo server -D -s site/
hugo -s
hugo -s site

Hugo Tips

  • How to create a static home page
  • Get rid of extra bullet point in table of contents:
    {{ .TableOfContents | replaceRE "<nav([^>]*)>\\s*<ul>\\s*<li>([\\s\\S]+)</li>\\s*</ul>\\s*</nav>" "<nav$1>$2</nav>" | safeHTML }}
  • Only include a Table of Contents on certain pages:
    • Edit your /themes/layouts/_default/<desiredfile>

      {{ if .Params.toc }}
      {{ .TableOfContents | replaceRE "<nav([^>]*)>\\s*<ul>\\s*<li>([\\s\\S]+)</li>\\s*</ul>\\s*</nav>" "<nav$1>$2</nav>" | safeHTML }}
      {{ end }}
    • On each content page add: toc: true if you want a ToC

  • /themes/layouts/_default files can be used to influence the look and feel of your site


Main Theme: vanilla-bootstrap-hugo-theme

Hugo Themes that were considered:

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