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PXE server in pure python
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This is a pure python(2) PXE server.

1. Edit netboot/pxelinux.cfg/default with your settings.
    The default boots tinycore linux Core-current.iso
2. Run ./ OR manually edit with your network settings
3. Run both and
4. PXE boot your clients.

File info:
./ dhcp server with pxe stuff
./ tftp server for pxe get
./netboot/pxelinux.cfg/default: pxe menu control
./netboot/Core.iso: tinycore iso for testing purposes (
./netboot/pxelinux.0: pxelinux binary
./netboot/memdisk: binary to allow pxelinux to boot isos
./netboot/menu.c32: pxelinux menu
./README: this
./ automatically edits with information from provided interface (e.g eth0)

The Why:
I didn't like the normal way of having to install and setup dhcpd and tftp
etc, so I wrote my own. I've not run any performance tests.
In all my tests with hardware available to me It's successfully booted fine.
It was mainly used to learn python as well as PXE, and I wrote it when I
was just starting out with python, hence why the code is awful.

Do whatever the hell you want with this. Credit would be
appreciated but it's not required.
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