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TWC Site

Build Status

This repository is responsible for most content visible on the website The site is made with a static site generator called Jekyll in a language called Ruby.

Getting Started

  1. Install dependencies: bundle install
  2. Start a local server: bundle exec jekyll serve

Open a browser to localhost:8080

Add your city

If your city's TWC chapter is not mentioned in the website, link to it on the homepage here and if you want a markdown page see the other examples here.


I18n (internationalization) is made available with the jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin. When a page has a translated version available, a link will show up on the top right if you use the default_translate layout. English is the default language, while other languages have their two letter ISO code prefixed, for example for Russian.

Adding new language

  1. Add new language key to en.yml
  2. Add two letter iso code in config. The order here determines the order shown on the page. English must be first.
  3. Inside the i18n directory create a
  • LANGUAGE/ (where LANGUAGE is two letter ISO code for that language)
  • LANGUAGE.yml with the language key and value in its own language, for example es: Español

Note, only the default en.yml must contain the names of each language. The other language yml files contain just their own language key.

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 14 48 46


Each translation file, should have same version as other languages. Sometimes that is not possible, and having different versions, helps document the disparities. For example, a new city is added, but no translation is provided in Russian yet.

Supported Pages

  • Landing Page (home.html in each Language directory)

Supported Languages

  • English
  • Russian
  • Italian
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