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Where bots find their true love™


Warning: This repository consists of server side secrets that are not in the .gitignore. Do not push from deployment sites.


Resolve dependencies,

pip install -r requirements.txt

The server will run with any Keras backend, but tensorflow is prefered for faster boot up time. The solution file only works with tensorflow.

We now need to generate and train the models we'll use. First edit the generate_models.py file. And set NUM_MODELS to the desired number of models to train. Then run,

python generate_models.py


The repository has all client side dependencies pre-built and bundled. For local debugging, use,

python runserver.py


gunicorn -b -w 1 tfb:app

You can only use 1 worker thread with gunicorn, because I suck at programming.

Puzzle Mechanics

(Spoiler Warning: Everything below this line gives away the solution to the puzzle)

The puzzle presents you with a website where you can edit your profile. The only thing you can change about your profile is your profile picture. When you do this, the site runs a neural network in your browser and on the server, predicting a specific class.

You can now start swiping bots on the Find Bots page. Your job is to get the Puzzler bot to swipe you back. The user should now notice that the preference of the Puzzler bot happens to only be class 1. This means that the user's profile picture must result in class 1 on the neural network.

The user at this point must implement a "gradient ascent" algorithm that maximizes the activation of the predicted class, solving for an input image that activates class 1.

Now the Puzzler bot will match with the user and a modal will show the actual puzzle answer.

Example Solution

There are many different ways of solving this puzzle. The one I could come up with is at tfb/trainer/solve.py


The FIXME in the template tfb/templates/wrapper.html is part of the puzzle.