Contiki's fork featuring T-Res, a programming abstraction framework for IoT-based WSNs
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Contiki with T-Res

This fork of Contiki adds T-Res, a programming abstraction framework for IoT-based WSNs. T-Res allows you to create simple "tasks", called T-Res tasks, that can be installed in your IoT-based WSN at run-time.

A T-Res task is written in Python and allows a node to monitor one or more sensors, process their data, and send the produced output to an actuator. Alternatively, the produced output can be stored in a local resource that can be observed by another node or the user. T-Res tasks can be used to implement simple event-detection and control applications.

More information about T-Res can be found in the wiki and in the following paper:

D. Alessandrelli, M. Petracca, and P. Pagano, “[T-Res: enabling reconfigurable in-network processing in IoT-based WSNs] (”, in Proceedings of the 9th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCoSS'13) and Workshops, Cambridge, MA, May 2013.



T-Res uses PyMite for interpreting Python bytecode. PyMite is a reduced Python virtual machine for constrained devices developed by Dean Hall.